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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – EU Court Strikes Down Spain’s Eviction Law; Was This A Good Ruling? – 16 March 2013

Campaigners in Spain hailed a rare legal victory over the country’s banks and government when Europe’s highest court struck down a draconian foreclosure law that had come to symbolise the brutal fallout from the eurozone’s debt crisis. Continue reading


Alexander George – 3D Printer Car Is As Strong As Steel, Half The Weight, And Nearing Production – 16 March 2013

Engineer Jim Kor and his design for the Urbee 2.
Photo: Sara Payne

Picture an assembly line not that isn’t made up of robotic arms spewing sparks to weld heavy steel, but a warehouse of plastic-spraying printers producing light, cheap and highly efficient automobiles. Continue reading

Sarah Varcas – An Eclipse Season Approaches – 16 March 2013

Solar System AstrologyWeek Beginning 18th March 2013: An Eclipse Season Approaches

by Sarah Varcas

With Mercury having stationed direct at 7:59 p.m. GMT on 17th March, ending its three weeks of retrograde motion, we begin this week with a feeling of renewal and an opportunity to begin making progress again! The past few weeks have given us opportunities to recognise just how deeply we are connected with all things and everyone else, and how our energy systems entwine to create either conducive or obstructive patterns in our lives. Sensitivities have been very high, with a planetary emphasis on the sign Pisces, and there has been much to process in the world of emotions! The good news is…. things are now beginning to shift, and a movement of planets into the sign of Aries signals that new beginnings and fresh energies abound in the coming days. Continue reading

Simple Explanation Of Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions, 5th Dimension Time Is Not The 4th Dimension – 16 March 2013

Uploaded on 13 March 2013 by Dhachi Yam Dimensions, Parallel dimensions, 5th dimension Time is not the 4th dimension Parallel dimensions Megatron’s Cube speaks on how we are moving out of 3rd density and into 4th density and how we can be able to conscioulsy choose our past and future lives in the higher dimensions since time will become non-linear. ( Lucas : This video will be deleted by the maker within 2 days. So know if it is not online anymore it is gone and I will delete this post.)

Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 16 March 2013

annalbers2Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of “willfulness.” You will is a great gift. You can use it motivate yourself when your heart is willing but your mind is weak. You can use it to create movement in spite of life’s obstacles. However, you can also use it to rebel against your hearts, much as a child can rebel against those in authority when feeling out of sorts. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Solar Storm Arriving Soon – 16 March 2013

Uploaded on 16 March 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Sophia Love – A Sneak Peek… Let’s Play With Some Gold – 16 March 2013

PictureOur value.  That’s what this whole experiment has been about.  It’s been stolen, sold, enslaved and hidden.For fun, here is a way to see lots and lots and lots of gold – which has been used as a physical representation of you.  It’s time to play!Thanks and love to Alexis for the video!
We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Message From The Arcturian – The Ides Of March – 16 March 2013

ascendPlanetOur Dear ONES in human form,

We realize how difficult it is for you to remain above the fear and sorrow that lies hidden in your world. As your expanded perceptions allow you to see beyond the illusions, you can perceive the truth these illusions have been hiding. These truths of how decadent your world has become is almost enough to force you back into the safety of your illusions. However, as Lightworkers you no longer have that option. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Patriarchy & Matriarchy Must Merge Now – 16 March 2013

Uploaded on 16 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Can We Fix What’s Wrong With Banking? – 16 March 2013

mish-image-15%I was asked a few days ago by Zócalo Public Square, a not-for-profit daily Ideas Exchange, to contribute a brief comment to coincide with their upcoming event “Can We Fix What’s Wrong With Banking?

“I was specifically asked to address the question “should we have bailed out the banks?” Here is my response:No, we should not have bailed them out. That’s the easy question.Now that we have bailed them out, however, here’s the important question: “Will we fix what’s wrong with banking before there is a global currency crisis?” Continue reading