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Mel Vel – Freedom Central On Finding Voice Radio ( A Must Listen) Tomorrow Sunday 17th March 2013 – 16 March 2013

freedomcentralFindingvoicesradioJoin Freedom Central for our weekly broadcast tomorrow night on Finding Voices Radio. I will be broadcasting the discussion panel of OPPT South Africa which included Heather Jarraf-Tucci, Michael Tellinger, Scott Colin Cundill, and several others from OPPT South Africa… also, I will be discussing what exactly the Jesuit Order is, since it has been made public knowledge via main stream media, that the new Pope is a Jesuit. Join us on Sunday from 18h00GMT / 20h00 South Africa Time.  Go to the website of www.findingvoicesradio.com  and use the Joomla player or chose what player works for you. Via  http://www.lucas2012infos.wordpress.com


Lisa Gawlas – Becoming The Witness 24/7 And Embracing The Unexpected! – 16 March 2013

From the end scene of the move AvatarBoy was I knee deep in a lesson all day yesterday that I didn’t even recognize as a lesson until I was on my drive home from the cancer center.  I have also fully realized, being a (human) witness in readings, is 10 times easier than being the witness in your own life.  My day started out dysfunctional and remained that was until I left my house for my follow-up appointment.  First I ran out of time to finish the complete story in my blog, so I published half the story.  (Hey, I had at least that part written, why not publish it!! lol) Continue reading

Der Spiegel – Hitting The Savers: Euro Zone Reaches Deal On Cyprus Bailout – 16 March 2013

An automated teller machine in Nicosia, Cyprus: Under the terms of the bailout agreement, savers will be hit with a one-time levy.After fraught negotiations, euro-zone finance ministers reached a deal early Saturday to provide up to €10 billion ($13 billion) bailout funds to Cyprus, which faces bankruptcy in May. For the first time, deposits at banks in a country are being seized to assist in the rescue. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – EU Court Strikes Down Spain’s Eviction Law; Was This A Good Ruling? – 16 March 2013

Campaigners in Spain hailed a rare legal victory over the country’s banks and government when Europe’s highest court struck down a draconian foreclosure law that had come to symbolise the brutal fallout from the eurozone’s debt crisis. Continue reading

Alexander George – 3D Printer Car Is As Strong As Steel, Half The Weight, And Nearing Production – 16 March 2013

Engineer Jim Kor and his design for the Urbee 2.
Photo: Sara Payne

Picture an assembly line not that isn’t made up of robotic arms spewing sparks to weld heavy steel, but a warehouse of plastic-spraying printers producing light, cheap and highly efficient automobiles. Continue reading

Sarah Varcas – An Eclipse Season Approaches – 16 March 2013

Solar System AstrologyWeek Beginning 18th March 2013: An Eclipse Season Approaches

by Sarah Varcas

With Mercury having stationed direct at 7:59 p.m. GMT on 17th March, ending its three weeks of retrograde motion, we begin this week with a feeling of renewal and an opportunity to begin making progress again! The past few weeks have given us opportunities to recognise just how deeply we are connected with all things and everyone else, and how our energy systems entwine to create either conducive or obstructive patterns in our lives. Sensitivities have been very high, with a planetary emphasis on the sign Pisces, and there has been much to process in the world of emotions! The good news is…. things are now beginning to shift, and a movement of planets into the sign of Aries signals that new beginnings and fresh energies abound in the coming days. Continue reading

Simple Explanation Of Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions, 5th Dimension Time Is Not The 4th Dimension – 16 March 2013

Uploaded on 13 March 2013 by Dhachi Yam Dimensions, Parallel dimensions, 5th dimension Time is not the 4th dimension Parallel dimensions Megatron’s Cube speaks on how we are moving out of 3rd density and into 4th density and how we can be able to conscioulsy choose our past and future lives in the higher dimensions since time will become non-linear. ( Lucas : This video will be deleted by the maker within 2 days. So know if it is not online anymore it is gone and I will delete this post.)