Krista Raisa – Lyran Collective Message From 16th March – 17 March 2013

Uploaded on 16 March 2013 byKrista Raisa

THEY SHUT OFF THE CAMERA. Just as the message finished. NO ONE TOUCHED THE CAMERA. Then Tina looked surprised and they started laughing through me, profusely.
They came through for two clients back in November 2012, and had been adjusting me for some time, now they are coming through almost every night.
I had a severe runny nose/fatigue all weekend, and have had a pressure on my chest, easily getting out of breath all week (as a kid I was prone to bronchitis and a strange, unexplainable asthma that lasted a year and came back after 2…then disappeared..). The Lyrans say it is my heart adjusting, that I am perfectly well. I would use discernment with this kind of information, although it could be our consciousness is changing and our beliefs are now allowing the magic to happen (in truth, illness does not exist, there is only light- but is our consciousness ready to accept that belief?). This is exciting, and I was laughing almost uncontrollably…. This felt really good. When there is laughter there are angels always present.

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