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benjamin_fulford_3RE: Sabbateans and satan

 Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:25:31 -0700
Subject: Sabbateans and satanDear Ben:

I am having difficulty locating historical evidence that the
Sabbateans or Sabbateans-Frankists practiced Satanism.

Both jewish leaders promoted the idea that breaking all religious laws would bring about the return of the Messiah.
It is this goal, hastening the return of the Messiah, that makes the serious worship of Satan problematic. One doesn’t worship Satan genuinely when one’s motive is to “use up” the evil in the universe so that heaven is forced to come to Earth.
The Heaven on Earth/Messiah they sought never is described as Satan.
Satan is the enemy of the Messiah.S. Asvi was forced to convert to Islam, so he rationalized this as
following God’s will so he could convert Muslims to Judaism. This is hardly Satanism.

Frank, however, openly urged his followers to convert to Christianity.
Frank was welcomed in court as a power for Christianity. This is hardly Satanism.
As for the Khazars, they converted mostly to Christianity, altho a large number converted to Islam.
I find no reference to Satanism among the Khazars.Can you direct me to any historical text that explains the connection between Sabbatean/Frankist/Khazarian jews and Satanism?

Answer : Fulford

Dear D,

It is always hard to generalize and I realize that many words mean different things to different people. Sabbatean/Frankist/Khazarian Jew can mean many opposing things to many people.

When I use the word Sabbatean Satanists I refer to a group of people who were planning to stage an artificial armageddon kill 80 to 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.
I have never been a biblical scholar and was not interested in this subject until these people asked me to join them in their murderous plans.
I have a tape recording of the invitation where the self-described assassin told me I must either join them or die. He said “there is no God, we are God,” and said he worked for the Elders of Zion. He was sent to me by former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka who in turn worked for Junichiro Koizumi who in turn was a slave of the Bush/Nazi (National Socialist Zionist) crime family.
My subsequent historical research led to the Hyksos, a people who invaded Egypt and who worshiped a goat faced being with a forked tail.
Other historical hints about this group can be found in biblical references to the Moabites, who practiced human sacrifice and were opposed by the tribe of Benjamin.
They worshipped Molech who can also be found worshipped at the present day Bohemian grove.
Although I do not necessarily endorse the views in the links below, I suggest you take a look at these articles to start your research:
Please understand that over 90% of the extended family of my Jewish Hollander ancestors were killed by the Nazis and I believe I am fighting and exposing these very same people in order to prevent the murder of billions of people. It is not a Jewish thing, it is a Satanic thing we are fighting.

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