Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Slings And Arrows – 18 March 2013

gods20handGod said:

What shall We do about your hurt feelings. You wish your feelings wouldn’t get hurt. You know better, and, yet, again and again, your feelings get hurt. Your feelings may get hurt even from a recollection from the past, even from years ago when someone rebuffed you. How do We get you out of that mode? It is a mode you know well. It isn’t a mode that you have to keep.

When someone rebuffs you, you simply have to let it roll off you. Certainly, it’s not a feather in your cap to be hurt by someone’s rudeness. Yes, some people are unbelievable in their insensitivity. Yes, people take the cake. Should you also allow them to take away your good-heartedness? It is their rudeness, not yours. Why would you allow someone else’s poor manners impact you and repeat and repeat hurt in your heart?

You might as well flail against a leaf that falls on your head. Sure, a leaf landed on your head. It did. You don’t berate it. You don’t try to relive the scene differently. You flick the leaf off. That’s it, and you’re done with it. The leaf is not a leech that must stick to you. Why would you allow someone’s words to stick in your heart?

The day will come when everyone in the world will love and love everyone. Until then, not everyone will love you. It is not right, yet some people will put you aside. They may not even put you at the bottom of their list. You may not even exist for them. That’s okay. What is it to you? What do you think of them? In this way, be more like them. Be more uncaring. Be more uncaring about what they think or don’t think of you.

Life in the world cannot be based upon hurt feelings. Your life cannot be based upon your hurt feelings. Your life cannot be based upon others’ regard for you. It’s a losing game, beloveds. When you’ve got it, high regard from everyone, what have you got? If everyone in the world adored you, thought highly of you, valued you, put you at the top of their list, what have you got? After a while, this would no longer be uplifting to you. You might even prefer to go along unnoticed. You might relish the days when everyone did not seek you out!

It is not even that you have to give everyone who offends you the benefit of the doubt. Whether they meant to cut you off or were simply too involved in themselves, it’s irrelevant. It is your feelings that get hurt. You are responsible. Beloveds, when your feelings are hurt, you are pouting. You don’t want to waste your life away in pouting. I know you don’t.

Is your day ruined because the sun isn’t out? Must your good spirits be based upon the weather or someone else’s mood or lack of consideration or even downright hostility? Of course, you know the answer to that. So when will you abide by it? When will you cut off from being so susceptible to others’ lack of courtesy? You know, they may not be courteous at a given time. They may be courteous never! They have other qualities.

When someone is wonderful to you, it is their wonderfulness. Of course, you like it. Of course, you feel good from it. Even so, it is their wonderfulness. It is not yours anymore than someone’s rudeness belongs to you.

So what are We going to do with you? Hurt feelings aren’t good for you. They aren’t good for anybody. What can We do so that you don’t keep your hurt feelings in your heart? I am not asking you to pretend that your feelings aren’t hurt. I am asking that you don’t have to have hurt feelings in the first place. Slings and arrows do not have to enter your heart so deeply. And, if they do, take them out. / link to original article


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