Lisa Gawlas – The New You! – 18 March 2013

treasure-chestThings are really starting to get interesting in our beautiful field of Light.  We have officially started hatching into our new and quite interesting forms and finally, with some instruction on where to start to harness your (beginning) power field.  What I am absolutely sure of, meditation is the only key to harness and really understand how to use the new you.  You have become alive with multidimensional fields of energy and their ain’t no way the brain, in all its wonderful glory, will know how to use any aspect of it!  Not without the instruction set from the soul itself.

I have a good friend, Andrea Sartori, who has taken up the joy of teaching others how to meditate, from beginners to advanced and everything in between.  As she is building her own website, I put a space on my website for her to help not only her, but especially those that need extra help in becoming fluid in meditation.  Please click here to visit her page: One Soul

I have also noticed there are two ways in which I am seeing you emerge from the watery heart field energy, one is thru the top the other is directly thru the front.  The one thing I do know, every single details shown and expressed in any given reading contains important information.   I didn’t understand the significance of this emergence until last evening.  The top release is symbolizing those I call sun workers (hence coming out of the top) and the front emergence is representing those I call earth workers.

I am also starting to realize the significance of what my tentacles do to help you along your way (smile.)  Those that are released thru the top, I am watching as my crazy tentacles wrap themselves around your watery field and squeeze the life from inside to top side.  I never even realized the energy exchange that was/is taking place, but I do this morning.  Like an intense electrical charge from the same source field.  Think of it like the last big contraction of the body that fully pushes the baby out… only filled with the electrical charge from the sun itself to get everything charged up and ready.

The earth workers are different in their release.  Instead, I watch as one of my tentacles slices open the front of the watery heart field and I witness the spilling out of your new form, always accompanied by this intense liquid that comes out with you.  This is your way of watering the earth where ever you go and will also hold the energy of your nourishment, replenishment and equally, contains all the electrical currents needed for your new body of wonder!!

Please do not think for a moment you need me to release yourself into your next form.  Not even!!  One of my lovely ladies yesterday was already out in her new form when I connected to her.  She is very very active in the metaphysical/meditational world of her own life.  One of the most exciting parts of her reading was the first thing I connected to, even before I called her.  An amazing marching band.  I heard their music and then as I focused on the music their forms came into view.  Everything colored in pure yellow energy.  All the band members, their outfits, even their instruments.  Yet, the details of it all was clear and visible.  This entire band was marching towards her from her future energy and her responsibility was to march towards them from her present moment.  They will “meet in the middle.”

What applies to her, applies to every one of us.  To march forward is to start to really connect and learn how to use your new field of life, your biology and soul together as one creative unit.  She did get some instruction on where to start with that and it is a place and expertise she is already familiar with.  (Meditation and energy use combined.)

What I am also understanding as well, we are “coming on line” in little bits at a time.  Using the energy field we are already familiar with and expanding that to meet the new enhanced field of Life that is now you.  The more we are able to use that aspect, the more that will come online for use.  The more we use, the more our bodies design will change and rearrange itself for fuller expression in this amazing and exciting field of Life we now live!

I don’t mean to cut this short, I woke up late today, I had zero internet pretty much all day.  I am miles and miles behind responding to all my emails and there is no way for me to catch up.  Please kick your email back to me if I have not replied.  For pretty much all of this weekend, my internet has been unavailable.  But… a beautiful friend finally gave me a hook up with another option in my area.  So on Thursday the 21st, I will have a brand new internet provider and pray this severe lag and nonexistent internet juice will be a bad memory I can finally put away.

The unfortunate part of this new internet provider, they cost twice as much as the one who gives me nothing anyway.  So one April 1st, I will be increasing the cost of all readings by $4 and increasing the cost of all packages by $8.  It is not a huge increase and considering I have not raised my reading prices since 2006, its time just to add to the rising costs of being present online.

If my new provider does what it says it will… give me reliable internet… I will be putting new interactive classes together, via skype, to teach you how to read like I do, and understand and connect to the whole body system like I have done thru my massage sessions.

Have an amazing Spring… look at what you can do new… and get ‘er done!!  It is time!!

I love you sooooo much and appreciate you patience and support more than you will ever know!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of sunshine and water to all!!

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