Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 18 March 2013

hatonn It has been a while for this one to feel able to bring a message forth. It is a matter of honoring the intuition about what she is experiencing, as so many of you are. As she continues down this road to a higher place of being, so too do you. Whether you realize that it is part of the process, or that it is what is bringing you to a way of being that will no longer bring you to states such as loneliness, pain, both physical and emotional, dizziness, and all of the other conditions that you are experiencing, it means that you will be in a space which is clear, loving and joyful for all of your existence.

I would like to focus on that for a while. What does it mean to be in the fifth dimensionality? It is a matter of coming to the knowledge of what you are capable of and what has happened in the previous times that are indications of the oncoming wakefulness. It is a matter of being able to see what it was that stimulated you to something that took you to a place of joy, or satisfaction in what you were doing. It was a place of being able to see the coming times and to resonate with how you would be able to fit into them in a way that you saw to be fitting to yourself and to the rest of the world.

I am speaking now from a place of observation of this one, and how she has been in line for the step up that she has undergone in the past few weeks. Though it may not seem to her that the days of her recent experience could have been the opening to the new love, it is also in her knowing that the experiences that she has been having are part of the letting go of the old, and the making room for the new. It is a placement of the energies in various parts of her beingness that are positioning themselves to the release of the old issues that she has learned from and that are no longer vital to her holding onto in the idea of them still benefiting her.

It is a matter of all of you being able to see what is no longer of benefit to you and then to wash it away from you and into it’s beauty of purity, to return as pure love and welcome you back to yourself. No longer is there a reason for beckoning to the old to give you sustainence, or to remind you of what you have been doing. It is a matter of looking at what you are doing in the moment and asking yourself if it feels good, or is it just old conditioning that has seen its time and is no longer applicable to the present.

I watch you all as you undergo all that is taking place within and around you. I see the many instances in which you are feeling confused, and I say, welcome to the process. Relax with it, thank it for being of service to you, and then let it go. As you do so you will find that your clarity is more prevalent and that you will see your life becoming more in joy, peace and love that knows no boundaries. It is moving to a place of knowingness that is instant, and cannot be denied. You will all see the results come, and the inspiration from them ride on the wings of the angels of your innerness. You are in the period of changing that reaps a new beingness that combines you with others as never before.

Enjoy the journey and know that as each step takes you to a higher place you are reaching the point where you will see through walls, you will walk through walls, and you will bring into your lives the wonders that we’ve been promising you would be part of your every-moment experience. If it were to happen too quickly you would not be able to stand the journey and come out of it in the peacefulness and wonder that you are destined for.

So my dear ones, I invite you all to speak with your inner knowing whenever something comes that feels overwhelming and tell yourself that it is part of the letting go, and that beyond it is your freedom of being able to create in the moment that which you intend for your lives. You have come such a long way from the onset of this duality, and now you are free of it. Welcome home, dear ones. We are here to greet you when you step into the light of who you are, and exchange the hug with us that represents our eternal love for all of you.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate / link to original article


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