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Der Spiegel – Harsh Criticism For Orbán : ‘Take Away Hungary’s European Council Vote’ – 18 March 2013

Anti-government protesters rally in Budapest on March 17, 2013, about a week after Viktor Orbán's government pushed through a package of controversial constitutional changes. Photo : REUTERS

Anti-government protesters rally in Budapest on March 17, 2013, about a week after Viktor Orbán’s government pushed through a package of controversial constitutional changes.

After the Iron Curtain came down, István Hegedüs, 55, was a parliamentarian for Hungary’s conservative Fidesz party, which was in the opposition at the time. But now he is fiercely critical of the party’s leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and his move to consolidate power. Europe must react, he tells SPIEGEL. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The New You! – 18 March 2013

treasure-chestThings are really starting to get interesting in our beautiful field of Light.  We have officially started hatching into our new and quite interesting forms and finally, with some instruction on where to start to harness your (beginning) power field.  What I am absolutely sure of, meditation is the only key to harness and really understand how to use the new you.  You have become alive with multidimensional fields of energy and their ain’t no way the brain, in all its wonderful glory, will know how to use any aspect of it!  Not without the instruction set from the soul itself. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution : Note About March Monthly Visions – 18 March 2013

DanaMrkichHi Everyone,

I’ve been writing the Monthly Visions for about 6 years now and love them – and will continue writing them. Yet there is a powerful, transitional energy in the air this month. It felt time for a pause while some sort of energy re-boot takes place. For myself personally the transitional energy is being triggered by a milestone birthday – my 40th on 11 March. For the planet, it’s being triggered (among other things) by the upcoming March 21 Equinox, a stellium of 6 planets in Pisces today* (Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune) and an interesting increase in the number of asteroids and meteors whizzing so closely by us – or at least a definite increase in our interest in these events. Continue reading

Sandra Walter On A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic – 18 March 2013

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Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages Form The Realms Of Light – The Divine Mother : The World Is Mine Where I Am Loved! – 18 March 2013

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

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I AM YOUR Dour Divine Mother!  Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Embrace Change – 18 March 2013

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The world is exploding awake and there is no turning back to the way things were. This can be scary for some people who are frightened beings to begin with and rely upon familiarity to feel safe, for others it is a huge sigh of relief that finally it is starting to happen. They welcome the newness and foreign territory they now find themselves walking through. However you feel about what is taking place, the truth of the matter is, awakening is in full swing, thanks in part to the internet and there is no way to stop it nor should we ever want to.

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4 Minutes News – Fukushima, Climate Articles, Tornado Threat, Spaceweather – 18 March 2013

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