TheOne-DreamDreamer – Let Me Try… Said My Self ( And I Did Not Get It!) – 18 March 2013

One might think getting into a non linear thought pattern is easy, especially if it has been done before… nope, not really. Surprises keep pouring in as if it was snowing Christmas gifts, and they are never as one thinks.

Too funny this ride!

So I was having a chat with my Self, nothing too serious in fact but at one point an issue came up and I asked a precise question to which Spirit answered “Let me try it”.

Mmmmm… what do you mean? (oh can we be shortsighted lol).

Again, no doubt the answer was “Let Me try it.” As if I should flip position with my Spirit so that Spirit would take over. Not sure I would agree with that, not even sure it was possible… ya know… it was probably just my ego wanting someone else do the job for me…

I checked and re-checked… same answer!

Ok, lets see what happens, I’m open to experience something new ;-)

Sure then, You got my full permission to give it a try!

Nothing special happened, went to bed, had my dreams, woke up, took a shower and got into my morning meditation where I give my day to my Self…. hahahahahaha!!


Let me try it.

I’ve been doing this morning meditation for weeks (actually years but for the first time it’s become part of my being) and only Now did I Feel and Live the difference between saying something (even with the highest intent) and actually Living it! And this was it! My day simply went… well as smooth and full of surprises as Heaven on Earth itself. And I’m not saying there were no inconveniences… they showed up. But they were even less than inconveniences as they were simply breath through with Pure Love and faded even faster than they appeared.

Amazing how every day, every breath can Be a new layer closer to Heaven when we really let it Be and take a step back from what we believe to be real. Reality is so far more… so far more… so far more!

Let me try!

Love, you. / link to original article


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