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The world is exploding awake and there is no turning back to the way things were. This can be scary for some people who are frightened beings to begin with and rely upon familiarity to feel safe, for others it is a huge sigh of relief that finally it is starting to happen. They welcome the newness and foreign territory they now find themselves walking through. However you feel about what is taking place, the truth of the matter is, awakening is in full swing, thanks in part to the internet and there is no way to stop it nor should we ever want to.

It requires us to go within and be serious with our self, to know our self and feel secure with our self so we can embrace moving into a new life with courage. We are here on our journey in life to learn and move forward, staying safe and inside our comfort zone is not growing and learning nor is it moving forward. This is what we must dare to do to create our new world. There is no room for fear, that belongs to the old paradigm, leave it behind you and walk through the door into this new state of awakening. Awakening suddenly births excitement and re-energizes your life, and more importantly allows HOPE to explode within you!

I recently participated in an online spiritual conference of well-known people who were offering discussions about what they have spent their life times exploring and understanding. One of the speakers was a Chaldean Numerologist who was quite interesting to listen to and right on I might add. She was offering her services at a huge discount for those participating in the conference. I’m broke with no pennies to spare but I took a chance and thought okay I’ll try it and find some way to pay for it. I’ll eat spaghetti for a month if I have to. The insights she shared were not that dramatically different I suppose from those others have given me in years passed, but for whatever reason, the time was right for me to hear and ingest what she had to say. I came away from my session with her, suddenly overtaken by one very distinct feeling in my gut. Suddenly I thought “OMG! You know what? I think I can finally solve my issues and put them behind me. I think I can finally get free!”

The whole experience has jettisoned me forward on a new path of discovery and healing and isn’t that what life is all about? Like the tides washing to shore, we ebb and flow in and out of our lives, one minute still and thinking we are going nowhere and suddenly we are propelled down a new path of discovery and life opens up again and begins to change. The movement is invigorating and awakens us within. We suddenly see new possibilities and new directions we can move in and the flow begins as we learn to dance with it. There is nothing to fear, only excitement and hope that we can become even more than we were before. Embrace it and embrace yourself. You are love.

I will leave you with a fun thing that happened to me yesterday. I was feeling re-energized and full of ambition from this sudden shift in direction, so I stopped by the garden center to get some seed starter soil to start this years garden seeds in. I was talking to the woman in there who is a friend of mine about what the best kind was, couldn’t I just start them in plain old dirt etc. She encouraged me that strong and vibrant seeds make for a strong garden so start them out right. She grabbed a bag and said “Here, use this stuff. I think you’ll be happy with the results”. I bought it and threw it in the car and headed home. I put it 001near the wood stove to warm the soil up ahead of time and forgot about it. This morning I went to move the bag downstairs where I will be planting and looked at the bag. It had a great artistic logo on it of someone who looked a bit like a Mayan God. The product was called LIGHT WARRIOR! When I get through planting I think I will wash the bag and frame the logo. It is so appropriate for these times. It made me smile. For now life makes me smile so why not run with it! Please note: We also have a great numerologist here in our own light community. If you feel like it give her a try!

Blessings to us all,

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