The Pleiadians – It is Time to Release All Resentments – 19 March 2013


Note from Channel: I read the other day a really great quote that said resentments keep you tied to the past and keep you connected to the very people you feel hurt you.  I have been seeing a lot lately about resentment, and since this is a big theme with many people, I decided to get some info from the Pleaidians about this.

Dear souls, beautiful souls, when will you stop making your bodies ill with pain in the joints and muscles, and cancerous cells by holding on to the past, and by holding on to being justified?  And even if it has not gone to this level yet, we see and know this energy is heavy for you. We come today with a fierce message as we know you have absorbed enough light to truly look at your deeper selves, the parts of you that have been hiding.

When you make judgments on others and how they should be out of bitterness of things that have happened to you, we ask you to go deep and look at the true need you are longing for which is love and compassion for what has happened to you.  It is those that deny this deep need for maybe even extra love, that bitterness and resentment then forms.  Many of you got used to not having people do things for you, so you decided you did not need it anymore. You said you are just fine on your own, or you can get all the love you need with no one helping out.  However, we say this is not fully true.  Sometimes the only way to heal something is to get what you want, and to get what you want, it is time to admit the grief around not getting it. This will then release the pain and resentment towards others that abandoned, or said and did hurtful things. We will surround you if you summon us with the sacred space, and the light of divine love if you will give yourselves 7 to as many as 40 days to spend time accepting these feelings, diving deep into the acknowledgment and then the releasing of it all.  As you bring your consciousness to these places, you stop trying to be so good all the time, you become who you deeply long to be; who you really are.

We would like to explain some of the resentment behaviors we feel and see in many of the souls reading this for all time and space is now. Please know, we do not judge you. We only wish to help you awaken to the falsities that holding these things carry out into your vibration. Trying to be more than others and competing is a form of resentment.  It is a form of carrying places deep inside where you have not felt seen and acknowledged. It is fear of being left behind and not being enough.  We feel deep, deep pain the hearts of many about this. Breathe in now, and then release out as we fill you with the light of Universal Kundalini life force which breaks about this pain and transmutes patterning. Next, we also see resentment that is about judgement and/or jealousy.  This may come out in judgment about others actions.  You may think others should function another way, and you do this in the name of righteousness, how people should act when they are enlightened or evolved.  Somewhere underneath this is an actual energy of longing for something in the self. For example, when you see someone in your world acting unconsciously with money, we see you long for fairness and balance.  You long for peace. Do not keep looking on the outside for others to change for this peace to come. We promise you dear beautiful ones, that as you feel your life is fair, yes decide for yourself to focus on all things that have felt fair; others will continue to show up in your immediate life that resonate with this.  Yes, it is important to reach out to those learning and help, but this is different then suffering about it.

We also see some of these resentments come out towards your past family members and/ or significant relationships. This may show up as a knot in the third chakra when thinking about them, or even thoughts about them that replay in your mind.  We ask you now to completely surrender over all the past feelings about this and needing to be right to us and your higher self now. Literally visualize it like it is a ball of energy with a murky color and see it being pulled out of the body now.  We are assisting as you read. Into the space this ball is held comes the violet flame. Now, you can also command that all parts of you living in the past and the future be summoned into your present body and spirit in this time and space.  Collect all pieces of you and live in today for all that matter is this very moment. You see, it doesn’t matter what they did.  These experiences are only stories attached to stories, and more stories.  The ability to percieve as your God Source is available now. Yes, you are the God Source and you decide that all comes from source.  There was never any wrathful deity doing any of this to you.  You are the light creating now, merely an extension of God.  You did this, all along.  You are playing here in this life experience longing to feel and breathe in all kinds of things.  And yet, now it is truly time for your planet to embrace where you come from.  The resentments are some of the final pieces for many of you to expand into all that you are and this is your year on planet Earth. This is truly the year to be done with this all for 2014 will be the year of enlightenment for many. We see many souls expanding into their light body, and merging with their KA and BA. We are holding the space for the understanding now what you need to release, the hidden pieces.  We hold you now in the divine womb of understanding, receiving you, nurturing you with pure love, so you may find the answer yourself.  So that you may see the truth of why all vibrations and creations in your life are and ever were. With much love and reverance, and honor, we shower you with the light of all that is now. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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  1. Raphael's Legacy

    Wonderful post oozing insight, wisdom and divine source power, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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