TheOne-DreamDreamer – Energies Are High… – 19 March 2013

The danger of relying too much on what is said will happen is that one’s power is given away again.  This is referred to the intrinsic power of inner Feelings. Whereas it can be of great help to have someone that facilitates the waking up of inner Feelings and helps with first step discernment, still there comes a point when one needs to get out of external guidance and commit to the Self again.

It’s a Wonder Full journey for it’s a journey Home! It’s paradox is that in a linear way of thinking it might seem weird that in order to connect to all that is one has to do it on it’s own, but truth is… there’s nothing as “on it’s own” when one is connected to… All that Is! For that’s when duality’s broken into pieces and One starts pulsating from the inside out again.

Be it one date or another one… all Know what is happening once the Feeling gate is open. For once it’s open… it can’t be closed again! There are thresholds that cannot be closed.


There’s a uniqueness that can’t be ignored. And that uniqueness is You. Sparkle of God It Self. It Knows when Energies are high for they are so due to a collective, universal flow, and it Knows when Your Energies are High for it is Your threshold that is involved in the Now for your journey. One reason why relying on external guidance for it can bring one to miss it’s own Flow Peak. If no one is telling you today is a “big day” but you Feel it is… trust it. For it Is.

Take a rest from prophecies and Be your own one. There’s no need for outside guidance once you’ve reached the point of understanding where you come from. Confirmation of that naturally follows with insight. And as said, it’s an IN-Sight.

Rely on It. It’s You tapping your shoulder and there’s no one on Earth that can tell you how it Feels when it Feels, and it Does Feel once it’s allowed to Be.

That’s why if the internet goes down… you’ll still Be able to Know :-)

Love, you / link to original article


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