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Great quote! So true. One of the most important things we can accomplish in our lifetime here on earth, is to always strive everyday to do and be our very best. Being your very best is not an easy task. It requires attention to our every thought and action, and it requires our eternal devotion to bettering ourselves. It is an ongoing process that never ends.

How strong is your self-worth? If it is strong then this daily ritual will not be a task but a pleasure, for being the best we can be is uplifting and most satisfying to our souls. We don’t need wealth to do great things, just the desire to do them. I have spent my entire life frustrated because I have been driven by an inner voice that keeps telling me I am here to change the world. Well my goodness, that is a mighty tall order to fill and nothing I did seemed to satisfy this need, that is until the shift began in earnest. I suddenly began to grasp the true meaning of we are all one and I began to realize if I just helped myself or even just one other person, I was making a difference in the world. It didn’t mean I had to create something that would actually change the whole world at once. While that would be an amazing rush, it is not necessary to bring about change.

Imagine the state of the world if everybody woke up everyday with the intention of being and doing their very best! What a different world it would be. It is not an impossible dream, but it does demand for each of us to do the work it entails to be your very best. It takes desire, it takes moving ourselves beyond the entrapment of the ego, it takes not denying the truth, having a strong foundation and standing up and speaking out for what is right. When you indulge in this way of being you walk in pride with your head held high and much love in your heart. You feel good from the inside out and life flows along down stream.

For so long we have been given all the essentials we need to survive in the world which at first seemed wonderful, then it became expected and now we can’t exist without them. It has killed our desires to do for ourselves and in doing that, it has killed our independence and our strength. We don’t need anybody else to survive, we have ourselves and we are powerful. We are not the needy, mindless society that Government intervention has created. It is frustrating to see how distracted people have become because of media and propaganda by design. We need to get back to the roots of who we are and start building on our foundations. It is time to rekindle our desires to be the best we can be and do it!

Like the picture above speaks of, if we can’t do GREAT things, do small things in a GREAT way. There is much for us to do to rebirth this planet into love and compassion. It begins with us and branches out much like the structure of a mighty tree. We grow our root foundation strong, we grow up towards the light and begin to spread out our branches to others so that we may live a symbiotic life with all. by

If we learn nothing else in this life time let that one thing be the recognition that we are all one! What we do to ourselves we do to the rest of the world, and more importantly it seems, what we don’t do for ourselves we don’t do for the rest of the world. We are not helping the world if we are not trying to help ourselves to become all that we can be! Reach out to others like the branches of the tree and help those around you rise to the light as well!

Blessings to us all,

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