What Are You Doing On Planet Earth? Spinning Gold. – Judith Dagley And The Celestial Team – 19 March 2013

Uploaded on 18 March 2013 fromthecelestialteam

Movingly and powerfully, “The Speakers,” a 12th dimensional collective in the celestial team, orients us within the big picture of why we are here, It is by design that they do so just as our Spring Equinox begins–yet, they do not mention that design–and that is by design, as well. “Equinoxes” can occur at any time within us, and the downloads they bring are eternally accessible. Much of the information transmitted here is through frequencies that cannot be expressed in 3D language, so be prepared for the words to mushroon and flower into continuing insights over the days and weeks after watching (each time you watch, btw!).

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