AscensionPioneers – The Nature Of Polarity – 20 March 2013

Uploaded on 20 March 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

This video is a mixture of another Ascension update and sharing about Divine Principles, this time about the Principle of polarity. Here is the ultimate Truth behind all of this! In pure awareness of One, there is no polarity, although polarity always exists in worlds of density. Worlds are created through the polarized opposites of everything, and there is no materiality without polarity. The true answer here is not to eliminate polarity, because it’s what makes Creation what it is. So remember, polarity and duality are not the same! Duality is created when we move either into one extreme of polarity or the other one. This separation creates the extreme of duality. The true answer here is to extrapolate … which literally means to transmit (or download) the value of the known data and awareness into the unknown part. This is what we are doing when we don’t go either into Light or dark, but shed Light into every corner of our experience of polarity.

Through this conscious act, we are once again becoming aware of what polarity truly is and why it is created as it is … for the experience, growth and evolution … as we move away from extreme duality … into pure balance of neutrality.

It feels so good being aware of this, doesn’t it?

Within Divine Love, Polona

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