Bella Capozzi – A Pleiadian Message And Mini-Reading – ‘Clingy’ Pets And The Influx Of New Energy – 20 March 2013

2360693148_d3ccf12714Okay, fellow animal lovers, this one’s for you.  Let me begin this post by asking if any of you out there have been noticing behavioral changes in your pets over the past several weeks?  I’m not referring to anything serious, like increased aggression or that type of thing.  Kind of the opposite, actually.  What I’m talking about are symptoms such as lethargy, boredom, more-than-usual awareness of the “unseen” realms, and being extra clingy.  As in, they are acting like little “velcro-pets.”   Don’t turn around too quickly in my house, or you just may go flying over an Australian Shepherd.  Nor should you attempt to read a book or work on the computer, undisturbed.  I’ve also found this behavior to be a recurring theme in my clients’ households, too.  Our pets are even more sensitive to the energetic changes than we are, and with the powerful and refined frequencies accompanying today’s Vernal Equinox, they are often ill-equipped when it comes to processing it all.  They seek our comfort and companionship, and need a bit more of our attention than ever before.

For example, my male Aussie, Ozzy, would be considered highly sensitive and incredibly active on an ordinary day. But lately he’s been trailing me everywhere, and begging me to play with him, 24/7.   This includes carrying all types of toys and bones around and dropping them on my foot in a painful bid for my attention.  (Point taken, Ozzy.)  He prowls the perimeter of each room, gazing up at and “speaking to” mysterious “guests”, and honestly seems like he’s about to explode with all his extra new energy!  On the other hand, Ava, my female, is more lazy than usual.  She’s content to elegantly recline upon the sofa (preferably on someone’s lap) like the Divine Princess that she is, watching TV and looking gorgeous.  She is so exquisite that she can barely be inconvenienced to indulge in such baser acts as going outside  in the grass to potty or make her way to her foodbowl in the kitchen.  While at a client’s house doing a reading, I was entertained by her parrot, who refused to be ignored.  Every time we turned away and began a conversation, she would screech!  My best friends dachshund refuses to to leave her pretty pink doggy-bed.  Just about everyone I speak with has a pet-story of their own, which prompted me to make today’s reading all about our animals.

imagesI selected today’s card from the Magical Unicorns deck, and allowed it to be a prompt for my Team to come in and shed some light on what’s up with the pets. The card I pulled was “Best Friends”, which I think says a lot in itself.  Coming through with some advice is Declan, a member of my Pleiadian Team and family, and also my unincarnated Twin Flame.  I’ve shared messages from Declan on The Angel Diaries and will be importing those here as reposts very soon.  He’s been with me since childhood as a Guide, but since discovering exactly who he is, I now like to think of what we have as the ultimate, functional long-distance relationship!  He’s had an amazing number of lifetimes on Earth, so his is a very practical take on things…


“The tiny animals are requiring lots of loving and careful tending in these times.  Most especially the ones who are not free to roam in nature and cannot benefit at will from the healing touch of Gaia.  These are the ones you ask about, your companions, and your best friends throughout the ages.  Just as the card portrays.  I feel it is essential that you are aware of their increased need for you to assist them.  Your goodness towards them eases graetly in the transmutation of the  energy being funneled into their wee bodies.  Aye, in consciousness they are far, far ahead of you all, this is true. And it is because they were already at such a high rate of vibration before the shift sped up, that they are struggling to incorporate the even higher frequencies now.  Do you understand what I speak of?  It is disconcerting for any being to contain within a dense physical vessel and healthfully maintain such a refined frequency as that which is arriving upon the Earth as we speak.  You feel it within your own body, as do all of you who read my words.  Never tell me you don’t have some growing pains yourselves!

Do as you would do for the Human babe, and give them love and some coddling.  It comforts them to be close to you, and in doing so they also can be of great assistance in the easing of your own symptoms.  It’s a give and take, you see.  Most companion animals have been with you through a multitude of lifetimes.  Loyal, they are.  Side-by-side, you’ve traveled the Universe together, been to battle, stood before God.  The ties between you are strong.  You are meant to help each other through the discomforts, and  to tend each other’s bumps and bruises.  They are far more telepathically developed, so know that simply through your touch they can be soothed.  Then, for the wild ones, let them roam when they can.  If you’re able, get them outside of the dwelling place and into the fresh air and sunshine.  Give them room to go free and work off the vibrational excess.  They are shifting, as you are.  The finest medicine you can give them is to give of your time and attention.  Then  they shall heal.  Give of yourself.”

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