Eva Moore – The Potentiality Of Love – A Letter From Bill – 20 March 2013

The Potentiality of Love

To begin I want to apologize for my silence.  It has been a bizarre adventure period for Eva and I. We have not been together since August 20th. On March 20th it will be 7 months since I was last able to BE near Eva in 3D context. The resistance that we have experienced since our decision to no longer live in fear of the at-law fictional judicial system has been interesting, to say the least. We can honestly say we are more alive now than we have ever been. All the  perturbation  that the legal system does provide is a gift in disguise and is a force big enough to draw out our X factor (we BE free ) set us on the path towards mining for the truth. That is, who are we really, how did we forget, and what the heck do we do now?

Eva has found some really amazing people in this arena, and she is so grateful for the help and support that they have given her and they include her in all their work to get to the truth. We learn together and have the love we feel for one another as the ultimate X factor to motivate us to keep going and to over come the fears of the legal system’s (perceive as) power. It is truly a gift. I don’t think Eva would have been able to put so much energy and time in if she did not truly love me, herself, her son, and deeply desire truth for all humanity.

First, the  illusion  that humanity lives under needs to be understood to expose not only the problems inherent in the  illusion  but to potentialize together the  solution  that humanity has ENCOURAGEMENT TO STAY A consumer caterpillar!

Humanity has  transformation  as its way out of this with the help of our imaginary cells. Like that of the butterfly, we struggle to dislodge the cocoon’s remains of a slave race — slaves to an illusional system of control that we subconsciously perpetuate via, greed, competition , deception  and  separation.

Secondly, humanity also needs to understand that we willingly sacrifice our freedom for a perception  of safety. At the most basic level, fear is the mechanism of control, and money is the system’s tool to control our  perception  of safety.

I believe it is safe to say that here in America everyone subscribes to a money system, i.e. that a 20 dollar bill is worth 20 dollars. Now, though it should seem obvious that a 20 dollar bill is a piece of paper with ink on it, it is common acceptance that these pieces of paper maintain the exceptional value that allows the  illusion  of money to perpetuate. That perception  is reinforced by the reality that the vast majority of humanity is forced to work (give of their LIFE FORCE CURRENT= CURRENCY, time, energy and/or efforts) to obtain money.

Further, we perceive that the resources of the planet have a monetary value as well. It needs to be understood that both these statements are  illusions.

Currently, the ability to create money out of nothing is given to banks. It is a common misconception  that money is backed by some resource (commonly gold or other precious metal). Others believe that money is ‘fiat’ and backed by nothing. [See Former Minister of Defense] Paul Hellyer is working on unifying the people together in transformation  of the Banks away from power:  HYPERLINK “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hJ0v6ksKD8” \t “_blank” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hJ0v6ksKD8 . His web site is  HYPERLINK “http://victoryfortheworld.net/” \t “_blank” http://victoryfortheworld.net/

The truth is that the paper money (  fiction  ) back the Banks and human beings’ in earth suits or avatars back money. The real energy is renting space in the human earth suit as land  or a shelter from the creator and true landlord. A mutual agreement from who gives and the one that profits from the one who gives is the base of our CURRENCY= time, effort, and energy .

If you can understand this then you can understand how one’s lifetime potential is co-opt in to money and we agree to use as an asset in which we can be borrow against. In short, from our birth to our death, our very existence in 3-D has been co-opted! Our potential harnessed and limited! To use our life force CURRENCY =time/effort/energy for the purpose to be  bought/sold/traded, in accord to its money value. Do you think source intends that our opportunity to embody is to have its limits factors be money?

So how did they co-opt us? Well starting with the signature on the Birth Certificate, the parent is an informant, then parent signs custody / title of the new live soul body/land to be the ward of the CORPORATION “Government” until the Soul regains it’s capacity to reign. Banks then use our existence to back debts they create on our behalf. Sometimes this is done with our knowledge via car or home loans, for example.

As far as the Federal Reserve is concerned, however, they create an account from the  Birth certificate  in to  its CORPORATE ID TAX NUMBER= social security  administration and every time you sign something you are creating credit. The Fed then uses that account (our life force CURRENCY in lifetime  potential) as an asset against loans that it creates to other banks and to the government via treasury bonds. The primary reference for all transaction is PERSONAL POTENTIAL. They do this presto change-o when they take your name and change it in to all caps NAME… in a way they identify our soul with a NAME, and when they get us to agree this is the very thing that becomes one of the traps they use to get around universal law and get us in to agreement. Sneaky buggers!

To quote Juliet: ‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot, Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part Belonging to a man. O, be some other name! What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d, Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that TITLE. Romeo, doff thy name, And for that name which is no part of thee Take all myself.”

David Icke has noted that our money system is backed by our attachment to the idea that we think we are Human or our body or our name and is our existence rather than the soul living in the Human suits and THAT is what they reenforce through 3D commercials about  FEEDING the earth suit, DRUGGING the earth suit to lower its vibration, and SEXUAL longing through music videos and image obsessed media focusing on ONLY!  [See *** HYPERLINK “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbRmJ_2nqyg***%C2%A0” \t “_blank” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbRmJ_2nqyg***  ]

So, the next area of concern would be: How does the Federal Reserve guarantee that their slave assets = us “live up to our potential” and produce the time/energy/effort that they need a return on investment in?

The implicate order for growth has an immaculate design to it, and we in the Human suits are under the expansive order of growth. The next phase change, as far as how Humans interact in BEINGS OF TOGETHERNESS OR BOTS in business, is going to include the fullest Personal Potential of each Self  in  SUPERPOSITION (in time and out of time at the same time )  in a field of  love, and that will include the WHOLE DYNAMIC accessible through hypersapce!

So how do you quantify a consuming caterpillar’s life PERSONAL POTENTIAL, all the while taking into account the pending phase change into NEW potential as a butterfly???? Hmm . . . LOL??? I guess SOME who are power, control, and certainty driven would try their hardest to prevent that phase change of state for as long as possible.

The question becomes . . . What are we? What defines US? And why have we been so distracted from these important discussions?

Well, since money has co-opted human CURRENCY= time/energy/effort and that source has  multi-dimensions  and under the confines of implicate order / controlled by the source that creates it,  the systems that influence by money can assign the same scalar patterns of transformation ! NOW OUR capacity has increase potential and we can see the immature blocks in the systems and WE are co creating the  transformation  in real time to a new system we add value  of  joy in contribution  into politics, the judicial system, law enforcement etc.

In the past we were TOLD or given only one option however we now understand there is an INFINITE MENUE OF OPTIONS available to us. Thinking there is only one way is what could limit our access to potential and hyperspace’s infinite menu of options! Limits on our love  our values our system via control over religion,  education , media, and entertainment. That conditions humanity to be materialistic and competitive, and anchors our focus on the 3-D. The past saw those who were more willing to sacrifice their fellow human beings’ freedom for monetary benefit and take their “POUND OF FLESH” were given reward with increase of money, power and control.  Those that did not produce to their potential PIRATING  are given  punishment via societal and judicial means for all purposes.

Humanity is enslaved by those that create and currently control the money system. This old archaic system invites us to explore the intention of its immature beliefs and go deeper and find the true intentions of maritime law, perhaps to even implement  solutions  to the blocks in that system. Those who create these laws are also people, and in order to survive, they must include themselves and their children’s children and are governed by universal law. This system is under   perturbation  that will create enough discomfort for the people working within the system to learn to transform, reconnect, and realign with their POTENTIAL. Thus their internal guidance feedback loop with hyperspace is accessible and  solutions  beyond the EVENT HORIZON are accessible.

The profit-driven incentive of wastefulness transforms and no longer requires people to be treated as economic assets, rather than what they really are stewards of the planet. We have to look on at the current archaic systems that have a virus of consciousness. A biological virus is not cured with anger and  frustration. A computer virus is not cured with fines and a requirement to pay a “penal” monetary fee. A consciousness virus, first, needs compassion  and a   transformation solution  –oriented approach. As our consciousnesses matures, we are faced with the new insights as to where the viruses have infected our BEING. We as a planet have been infected with a monetary virus that allowed good men and women to usher their fellow human in to a judicial system that tricks them in to guilt and allows their life force to be put in to a coral to waist and profit off!!!!! The information  systems that operate on multiple  dimensions  are now better accessed and their potentials are potentializing. All the  information  sets are transforming, and our economic and legal systems are at the top of the list.

PLEASE WATCH   https://www.youtube.com/watchfeature=player_embedded&v=gvPzsixYIH0

A living soul is not an asset, and we are not our problems. Our consciousness flows through us, with the  intention  to be upgraded, matured and potentialiation  as its causal potency. Those that are conscious understand this and are able to invite problems to the table as a live entity with a base  intention  of love and see every problem as a young immature  aspect of all consciousness ( information  set) begging to be loved to its potential. Each problem we can identify needs to be invited into a  conversation  with respect and love and  compassion at the helm so it can negotiate for its own self potentialization to become more effective. This requires more than just positive thinking. It requires a phase shift of  each individual witness to any problem.  The field of consciousness and the way we view the problems we face has to expand to giving problems their own life force. To see problems as alive, in order to allow for the information systems to transform their negative, immature, ineffective  expression  into their real  intention  of POTENTIAL LOVE. All problems and / or negative situations have a positive intent.

Now, it’s at this point that most are interested in the knowledge of what we, the witness, can do about it. Step one is to believe in our life force or energetic CURRENCY AS THE MOST VALUABLE ASSEST !  It is the realization that giving up your BEing’s Currency to a piece of paper for your time/energy/effort to obtain material  possessions  that serve to enslave you more with the desire for more . . . is INSANE.

Realistically, the only way to trump this system of control is to transform our personal relationship with our CURRENCY=time/effort/energy without expectation of monetary compensation. When we all give of our Potential out of a value of  contribution  as the intrinsic value we will all get back through the quantum loop feedback. At the same time, we need to realize that it is the judicial system that controls our fear. To change the monitory system, the ultimate fear that we have beyond death is the fear of  incarceration.  Fear of being stripped of our freedom. Ironic – based on the fact that our lives are controlled based on an  illusion  of freedom. Now… there is a very simple answer to this dilemma: moral courage. To do what you know must be done despite the control of fear.

This is exactly what I BE/ do with my Currency =time/effort/energy.

I did not start my quest with all the answers or understand HOW this would all come together. However, I can happily say that the HOW was not my business. My business was to take the first action step and telling my truth. In return. I was gifted with a beautiful treasure, Eva. The fact that I had the moral courage to step up and regain my truth even though I KNEW it would not be “EASY,” and there would be those who would try to use the truth to make me feel shame and silence me from speaking more truth. I did it anyway. I  knew they would not have all the truth from my conviction in 1998 and I knew the truth had been falsified on official record making it very difficult for me to tell the truth and not get myself in a contradiction and in their trap towards guilty of perjury. I am not aware of how deep the knowalge of what really happened in 1998 goes. I have been forced to pull a Galileo inspired maneuver and in court recount my truth. ***http://www.pamphlets.org.au/england/h0459.pdf****

‘Galileo was summoned for his third and final examination on 21 June, and questioned under oath about his convictions on the systems of Ptolemy and Copernicus. He answered that he had always held as indisputable the position of Ptolemy, that is, the stability of the earth. Three times over he adjured to speak his real mind, as he showed it in his dialogue. The whole hearing was a pure formality, as was the threat of torture, and Galileo knew it. He lied obstinately, and his judges knew perfectly well that he was lying and perjuring himself, but they took no action of any kind on this count.”

I made my truth public in my Kerry Cassidy video. I do not know if the Judge and the Prosecution in my current matter is aware that in the 1998 Court martial the  testimony I gave was a script I was made to read. So any testimony I now give in my current matter that contradicts that script will be used against me.

It has also come to my awareness that the Prosicuter is requesting that the interview I did with Kerry be taken down based on the most recent testimony I was forced in to giving to avoid giving the prosecutor the opportunity to charge me with more. I ASK EVERYONE WHO CAN PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SAVE the interviews I have done.

I have no proof that I can give regarding the existence of SEAL team IV and if I did I would be endangering more then myself. I made truth the most important intention. Thankfully, it paid off and was what magnetically fast-tracked Eva into my life. Eva says that the truth has resonance and a bonding co-factor that has a foundational stability second to none. All I can do at this point is have compassion for myself and for everyone who has been involved with this current at law fiction matter I  am in and let go of knowing HOW it will all find its  solution.

I am grateful for Eva’s constant companionship throughout this adventure. I can now see that the judicial systems true intent. It is now acting for me as a perturbator, insisting I put it all on the line to ensure I sing the  solution  to me and it is not really against me. Even though at times it has been successful in allowing Eva and I back into a state of fear=a state of control, we quickly shift back into the desired place of heart space and love for one another, for the truth to come forward  and that is what has sustained our progress.

More importantly, on the surface the system seems to want to control anyone else from exercising their time/effort/energy. When we go deeper we can see this is really the equal and opposite driving force to ensure Humanity reclaims their self control and  self power, and is the necessary equal and opposite force needed to overcome the century of mistrusts perpetuated. This is potential of scalar law and nature and it is known that once a critical mass of consciousness is achieved, the illusion will cease to exist, and control over the human race will break down completely.  True freedom will replace the  illusion.

Now…let me take time to explain what I am doing. I have provided an example that our PUBLIC American judicial system is  fiction  as the majority think it to be. That it has become the system of control that we were taught to believe our forefathers sought to free us from. This  fiction  reinforces an  illusion  of safety by enhancing our fear of change. More specifically… fear to act to create change. What we believe is transpiring in the District Courts is not. What we think governs the District Courts is not. We think the constitution and that there is a common law that rules inside these court rooms. However if you understand that the Corporation that is running the show is not a government as we think it to be then you can start to see how they get around the laws.

The judicial system is limited in its capacity to control fear. It cannot imprison the human race. As a matter of fact, it can no longer imprison enough free-thinking individuals to maintain the  illusion. The overall fear of imprisonment still exists, but not the ability to carry out the threat. Currently, I have taken the necessary steps to challenge/prove this truth: that there is a means of standing against the  illusion  that the judicial system creates.

Most of us are familiar with the understanding of the accounts system (Birth certificate, bonds, trusts, estates, in use with the stock market)  that monetizes our lives and enslaves our existence. Heather Tucci and the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) have done what all they can to begin the process of understanding the separateness of the  fiction  accounts from the flesh-and-blood human BEing’s that they represent. What they have done is to create a means of an information wave to convey en masse to humanity that freedom is possible. This momentum is invaluable. We also need to be aware that there are many people like Heather and OPPT in this arena and there are infant  solutions  to this problem and each BEing needs to find the right path for themselves. Inside all systems there are rules of development that all potential is governed by. The at-law fiction is subject to this and since its inception has to conform with universal law. So be aware that they use deceit and lack of information as their mode of getting around the boundaries of Universal law. I encourage everyone to make learning all the aspects of this at law fiction their priority as if they to were facing a life time of imprisionment  because in fact WE all have been under just that!

At the core of the rules of the at-law fiction is free will choice that we individually exercise. We just were never given the laws to understand how to use them. The illusion of safety in slavery and like Galileo was forced by fear to choose.  The illusion over the reality of our current state is not freedom. We have to see that our current reality that we think is freedom isn’t free. The system that makes US choose their version of freedom seems more difficult than submitting to their system of control.

We must choose freedom and not be deterred by our fears, primarily, our fear of imprisonment.  If we act together as a group, despite our fear, the system can’t imprison everyone; therefore, the fear of imprisonment dissipates and the system begins to create its own fear of losing control of the system.

It is now time that we individually exercise our free will and step through that door, despite the fear that the illusion of the judicial system creates inside of us individually.  That is what I have done and what I seek to demonstrate is possible to those who believe in their freedom, but who are still, on some level, controlled by fear, and afraid to act.

Action, however, is what must be done. We must exercise moral courage despite our fear. The time is now and the place is here. We as a race have never had a better opportunity to transition our consciousness, than now.  I am choosing action despite the seemingly overwhelming illusion of fear.

Through the help of Eva and some other incredibly generous individuals, I have submitted the paperwork [insert hotlink under “paperwork”: xxxinsert LINK TO  Resignation PAPERWORK p1-4xxx] necessary to separate myself from the account that is being prosecuted in the criminal case that has been created to delude me into believing that I am subject to the control of the system via the account. [insert hotlink under “account”: XxxLink to certif of service xxXXX ]

I have declared that I am a live soul and I am not a monitory asset equivalent.

I declare I see that the proceedings against me are nothing more than a theater created in an attempt to influence me to accept slavery. I find the moral courage to know the answers are found to regain my live status and responsibility over my BEING. I do not need to know HOW to start. I choose to trust the process that is unfolding and I trust the  solution  is present. I am free! It is my will to leave this Jail.

I will continue to assert my choice of freedom and state that any attempts to control my freedom will be in violation of the universal law that all conscious beings must abide. These violations will be countered via a feedback loop some call karma, and inevitably lead to my freedom, regardless.

It is in the spirit of the goal of the freedom of myself and in the fractal pattern known, what happened to me is happening to all of humanity, Eva and I request the focused intention of every individual who is willing to contribute their energy to manifest my freedom as already done. Further that we get excited and know that the potential amazing solution for this matter is beyond what we can even imagine! I surrender to the unfolding of solution and am excited, grateful and present to the NEW awareness I have gained through this time. My sentencing date was moved to March 26, 2013 at 11:00 AM, in Ada County Court house. We invite you to co-create the reality that I am already free NOW .

we would like everyone that desires to help to send a letter to the judge in my case to request that he grant me my freedom.  The address is as follows:

Honorable B. Lynn Winmill

United State Court House

550 W. Fort Street, Suite 400

Boise, ID 83724

Please be courteous and seek the words that speak towards a desire to balance the energies.  I do not wish to create polarity with the judicial system. I want them to find their place in the freedom of humanity.  Certainly Judge Winmill has the power to grant my freedom and through his actions can grant the same freedom to any individual by proxy.  I would especially encourage the support of anyone and everyone outside of United State to send their letters as I believe that it is an important piece to show that the rest of the planet is awake and aware.  I would ask that everyone put their name and address in the heading of the letters, and that the letters be signed in blue ink, and that a copy of the letters be sent to me as well.  My address is:

William N. Brockbrader

c/o ADA County Jail

7200 Barrister Drive

Boise, ID 83704

In conclusion I want to thank everyone that has contributed their physical, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual support over the past year.  You cannot imagine how much comfort Eva and I received with the knowledge that we haven’t been alone in this process.  I also want to put in special thanks out to those who have been a constant source of support.  It has not been easy with the ups but mostly downs, yet so many individuals continued to offer more despite relentless adversity from and abundance of sources.

Thank you everyone in advance for your support in the final leg of my personal path for freedom.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Brockbrader


By Eva Moore’s  Facebook.com account : eva-moore / via www.lucas2o12infos.wordpress.com


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