Irma Kaye -The Cosmic Gateway – Spring Equinox Message – 20 March 2013

Irma kaye sawyer

Hello friends. Quite a bit of information has been coming through regarding the Power Portal that we are currently in, leading up to the Spring Equinox (Fall for the South,) on 3.20.13. Interestingly I was pondering on a lot of the material that has been published lately regarding the transition to 5D and wondering why myself and so many others that I know were having their struggles recently. I was shown that every time we choose to be in the cosmic “flow;” which is a state of Love and Trust, we *are* in the Fifth Dimension. Being in fear, conflict and worry is primarily a 3D frequency. We don’t necessarily have to be constantly on a lily pad of bliss to be experiencing the higher energies, and that was good to know. :)

We have done a tremendous amount of work since February and the Pisces Stellium energies, and are still adjusting to the new, higher frequencies that are coming in in preparation for the Equinox Gateway. For additional, detailed information please visit my other blog post on the subject: Spring Equinox – The Gateway & the Love Signal

The Keepers Message: Dear ones, old fears may be arising about going back to “how things were.” First of all, this is not possible. You are not entirely yet aware of the profound and deep changes that you have made. When a gateway is crossed there is no going back. Yes, you may “revisit” of course, but you no longer “live” there in that same energetic space.

Regarding Prosperity: There has been teachings given that have used the word “demand.” While we like this word in concept, we do not prefer it energetically. The word “accept,” is more suitable to these purposes. Mind likes to use form to dictate and predict how it will manifest (i.e. paycheck, government subsidy, etc.) To be overly attached to form may possibly block the flow. To be open and expectant is a powerful receptive state. Mind is often telling you what you “must” DO, where Spirit whispers to you to simply BE. It is your true nature to be abundant, healthy and free.

Regarding Soul Missions: Many that identify as light workers, Adult Indigos and so forth, have been operating under a shadow. This is partly due to their missions and also perhaps some “habit,” as well. Beginning in 2010 the curriculum has sped up in these areas (i.e. awakening to one’s Light and Soul Mission.) Do not let egoic/ordinary mind use your own Sacred Soul purpose for its own benefit or gain. As in to use your life path as a way to stay minimized or to continue to operate under any kind of diminished state; physically, emotionally or financially. Check up, dear ones. Another layer of impurities and falsehoods have been burned away so to speak, so your Great Light can shine more brightly. – The Keepers, 3.16.13

Regarding Forward Movement and Acceptance: We also see that there will be growth and realizations made in the areas of your personal lives especially in relationships, karmic conditions, and so forth. As in, working *with* present the conditions of your life is a positive way to impact that changes that you wish to manifest, as opposed to complaints, regret and struggle about your present. There is a new spiritual maturity that we see, and for many this has been rather hard-earned. This is a true and positive example of the word “Wisdom” that has been gained through personal realization and experiences, and may serve as guidance for others. Shanti.♥ – The Keepers, 3.19.13

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