Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week Of 18th March – 20 March 2013

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this WeekMonday: Saturn sesquisquare Venus; Wednesday: Sun enters Aries/Equinox; Thursday: Chiron trine Saturn, Venus enters Aries; Friday: Uranus conjunct Mars; Saturday: Saturn quincunx Jupiter

THIS WEEK and next are pivotal in many ways, due to the growing group of planets in Aries. One by one, starting with Mars last week, the faster-moving planets are making their exodus from Pisces, each ultimately joining forces with Uranus in Aries.

The main astrological events this week occur on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday is the Aries Equinox, the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of autumn in the Southern. Whichever season we are beginning, our experience of this shift of is likely to be more dramatic than usual, as we abruptly leave behind the sensitive, reclusive realms of Pisces and dive head-first into the impulsive, active world of Aries.

THE ARCHETYPES for Aries include Pioneer, Risk-Taker, Leader, Competitor, Initiator — all of whom are known for their courage and focused energy. Each of these personality types is able to harness the internal strength that enables them to face the unknown, and to rise above the fears and inertia that often can get in the way of forward progress.

The Sun and Venus both enter Aries midweek, adding their weight and momentum to the “full-speed-ahead” throttle. If our foot has been hovering over the gas pedal, this may be the force that finally applies some pressure and gets us moving forward.

But, with Mercury still in Pisces and only barely moving forward after having been retrograde for three weeks, our brains may be processing information slowly. We could find ourselves looking in the rearview mirror, asking, “Did I really just do that?”

ON FRIDAY, Mars catches up to Uranus — the planet of assertiveness and personal will joining forces with the planet of revolution and liberation. These two can create quite an energy field when they work together, and it can be hard to hold them back once they start moving.

This force can be applied to our lives in different ways, and many of them very positive. If fear or inertia has been keeping us from making a new start, we can utilize this energy to finally take those first steps out the door or down the road. The restlessness and fearlessness represented by a Mars-Uranus alignment in Aries can be awesome in their power.

THIS POWER is why we need to be very self-aware now. Fearlessness may be helpful, but some caution is also important, so keep in mind that there is usually wisdom in Looking Before You Leap.

Thankfully, the Leo Moon lends a helping hand on Friday, forming trine aspects to the Mar-Uranus alignment that encourages creativity and generosity. This provides a positive outlet for the powerful energies of the Mars-Uranus combination.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the degree in Aries where Mars and Uranus will align gives us more possible manifestations to consider:

“A crystal gazer: The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness.”

This symbolic image reminds us that Uranus is a higher-frequency transpersonal planet, and represents the intuitive awareness that is our path to higher consciousness. As the influence of Uranus is heightened through the alignment with Mars, we must also be alert to the potential “aha” moments — those flashes of insight that provide support, inspiration and guidance for our path.

IN HUMAN TERMS, remember that Uranus is associated with all those compound words that include the word “break”: breakthrough, breakdown, breakout, breakaway, breakneck speed, breakup, groundbreaking, newsbreak, lawbreaking, jailbreak, outbreak…

In other words, Uranus is known for bringing unexpected and sudden events into our lives. Usually the intention of such events is to help us move beyond the places where we’ve been stuck.

If you’ve been waiting to feel inspired or wishing you had the courage to take action in some way, start thinking of ways you might harness the energy of this week and next. Mars and Uranus, the two horses pulling the wagon, can take you a long way quickly — just remember to keep a firm hand on the reins and always have your destination in view.


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