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Stand quietly and drink in the energy from the sun. Be silent and listen to your surroundings. Can you feel the changes that are approaching? They are not far off, they are actually upon us. Pay attention and be observant and you can’t help but feel the rustling of energy being emitted from this change. Everywhere you turn people are beginning to think about life just a little differently. It is almost as if our language has changed and we are speaking new words.

We aren’t really speaking new words, just giving old words new meanings for a new world. What we mean and feel about the word love for instance is entirely different today than yesterday. It is no longer just a word we utter but a feeling as well. Before we would speak about love to those around us and words would come out of our mouths, today we speak about love and as we do so we are enveloped by a feeling as well that springs into our minds as we are speaking. Hopefully if who we are talking to is on our same wave length, they are not only receiving what we are saying, but are experiencing the feeling as well. It is subtle, almost not really there but it is, it is even difficult to describe. It just is!

Could this be the beginning of telepathy where soon words will not be necessary, only feelings being expressed through images in our minds that speak to what we are feeling? These subtle changes are in their infancy and easily overlooked, but if you stop and really take notice, they are occurring. This change remains almost obscure because so many are still soundly sleeping and notice nothing but the same old same old. Those few who are in the awakening process at this time I am sure will understand what I am saying. This is why we continually hear that nothing is happening, nothing is changing, it was all a hoax! Nothing could be further from the truth, we just need to pay closer attention to what we are thinking and feeling. The old way of doing things is in the process of dying away bit by bit, making room for the new to take its place.

So many times lately I have been somewhere like in a store setting and I will hear something amazing come out of the mouth of someone I would normally guess to be sound asleep! An observant, awake utterance will come forth from them and it blows me away! New products are popping up everyday that seem tailor-made for the new world, yet here they are in the old. At first we want to be cynical and try to figure out the agenda behind what they are doing by allowing these new products, but is there really an evil agenda or are we just programmed to believe there is?  We need to be careful not to kill the change taking place around us by our thoughts! By doubting the purpose behind the changes, we are rejecting them when in fact we should be embracing them and raising the energy surrounding them.

Another example of what I am talking about are new TV shows popping up on the food channels. Shows about how to use food as medicine, what foods to use for different illnesses, how to grow your own drugs, where and how to shop for the freshest foods locally etc. A few years ago these shows would never have made it main stream! They are now and times are changing. This whole shift taking place is precarious right now. It is occurring but at times it is so difficult to see and we are so skeptical out of habit and are often not fully awake enough to grasp the subtleties. It is seriously time we REALLY are present in the moment of our lives and expend our energies on more closely observing what is happening. Pay attention and rejoice that we are finally making a difference.

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