Lisa Gawlas – Love And Cash PLUS The 4 Pilars Of Creation – 21 March 2013

rhondalogoWhat an extraordinary kick-off to spring yesterday was!!  Granted, I woke up really late and didn’t have time to put a sharing together, but that extra sleep seemed to turn the joy faucet onto full capacity, because joy was running thru my veins from the first opening of my eyes to the last (and continues today.)  Maybe something within me already knew the day was going to be profound with understandings and revelations that just sent everything into holy cow-ness!!

Do you ever just read something and that something just lifts up off the page and wiggles around in a dance, like it is there to notice and feel with.  I had a precious soul send me a donation the day before yesterday with a message added to it.  I seen this come in just before I went to sleep… and (part of) her message went to sleep with me: “sending you love and cash.”  It must have expanded in my sleep because when I opened the her gift again to send a thank you and reread what she wrote, it became an even bigger present than the much appreciated monetary donation.  LOVE and CASH.  How often do we really infuse love into our money?  Into what we do with our money?

So many of us spend so much time looking forward to the day we don’t need money, or our systems change to create what we feel would be a fairer distribution of money and so many feel the lack of money in their worlds.  In which case, we have placed our energy of money into the future.  So the excitement we could have today, is put off until later.  Money really is just an energy system too… and if any part of you is waiting til later to love that system, then it will arrive for you… LATER!

If we bring it all back to NOW, all energy is a creation of love, that really is the only true energy that exists in all of creation.  Then our monetary means must be a creation of love too.  Even if thru our eyes, it seems to be distributed unfairly.  If all energy creates your reality, and you feel any aspect of being treated unfairly, guess what your powerhouse of a Being is recreating in your now moments… more reasons to feel unfair distribution!

But lets take this further, since it went further in my understanding yesterday.  How many people get so excited, so happy to pay their electric bill, their rent or mortgage, fill their cars with gas and so on?  To feel so deeply grateful within yourself to have that.  To get more of that in a continuation of months.  To love them (what we call bills) for giving you what you need and desire for the loving exchange of cash!!  How often are we sending huge waves of prosperity back to those we receive from… like… the oil companies??

If we get back 100 fold what we put out… and we are putting out anything less than love within our cash, no matter what the source looks like for that output… we shall get that back to us 100 fold!

Now think about this for a moment, if love feeds love, then negativity has got to feed negativity.  Anytime we are feeling negative towards anything, we are feeding the energy stream of whatever that is… to create more negativity and then, we dare to complain because it seems to have become worse instead of better!!

I dare ya to try a wonderfully new approach, when you fill up your gas tank next time, send out waves of love and prosperity to all involved in allowing you to pump that gas and get your vehicle to run.  The moment you say something like, but the oil companies have so much money… you placed yourself into judgement and weakened your own field of energy to receive more gas.

Be in the now, every moment of every day, loving EVERYTHING without bias or judgement.  That is how we quicken change in our world!  Love the cash you have and send it outwards with love and the heartfelt desire that it multiplies whatever you are sending it towards!  Remember, we live in a house of mirrors, what you send out, no matter the guise of the outward appearance, is always reflected right back atcha!!

When you send pure love into anything that is corrupt of severely out of balance, it must crumble to become the energy field being sent.  You send an ounce of negativity, it actually straightens that to become stronger.

Before I went off on a day filled with oncology appointments, I was able to squeeze one reading into my morning and OMG I am sooooo grateful we had that time together.  Another addition to the field of Life we are creating.  An understanding so deep, I am actually surprised at myself it took me this long to really understand the fullness of what we are doing and how!

The first thing I couldn’t help but see were 4 serpents all standing on their tails, heads up above what I call the watery heart field area, their coloring beautiful shades of green with black threaded thru the energy of the green.  As I looked closer at these amazing creatures I realized they all were placed at very specific points, but now where I would expect them to be.  The closest two were at the left and right points of her East field (spring, new beginnings) and two were a at the left and right points of her West field (harvested energy.)  Granted, the serpents themselves represent her soul energy, or kundalini energy living out loud in the field of created matter.  Spirit even called them her “4 pillars of creation.”

As I tried to understand their placement, I started to understand that these four aspects of soul energy will create a relay system from the west field to the east field to create from the hearts desires within.  Each serpent serves a unique role in the creation process, and her job (all of ours really) is to go within (meditation) and fully understand what that means to her.  Not so much in details, god forbid spirit works in tangible details… but in energy creation that is unique to each person.

As we talked I started to realize something new was being added, a construction that I kept feeling like a bridge at the upper left west field serpents head.  It was just in its beginning phase, so the details were too minute for me to really see… but the construction itself looked like it was made of fat “pick up sticks” (from the game) of red and yellow energy.

I also heard the field say that our expanded consciousness is very much available to us and resides about 3 feet above our heads… hence the serpents placements of their heads.  To truly and fully create as we are becoming capable of, we must find a way to remain in that expanded consciousness, what I call the upper atmosphere of our Being at all times.  It will be the bridge of our ongoing creation!

From what I am understanding, the 4 pillars of our personal creation are very important to understand the energy there of.  If you can look at this as doorways.  We have the left side of a door, where the hinges are and the right side of a door where it opens… equally a back door (west field) and front door (east field) and learn to use these doorways of energy in created matter this creates a natural flow of energy beneath the soul bridge… which is the south and north fields which takes us from our present moment into our future.

I have done my very humble best to create a diagram of this energy matrix that is our creatonal field of Life:


What I had also come to realize in my pondering of all this yesterday… we move in and out of our created space of reality all the time.  To pull from the vast sea of unlimited energy potential for our heart desires, we must be within our watery heart field of pure loving emotion and connection to the upper atmosphere.  Once we have that energy set, go out in the field of life and share, experience, as well as help others in every way we can.

But if this wasn’t exciting in and of itself… (and trust me, I was jumping outta my skin with excitement thru her entire reading!!) another bit was added, created by a question a wonderful man asked me several days ago.  His question to me was about the energy of the up coming equinox and if spirit mentioned anything huge about it… no they didn’t at all.  But when he asked the question, I had seen the up coming equinox like I have never seen before… and it really is a visual that is hard to describe with words.  But, it is vitally important to this full understanding, so I will do my best.

I could see the equinox up in the sky like a partially curled black and amber energy field.  To my eyes it looked like a vortex that was about 1/4 completed in its fullness.  That visual had stayed with me with just the slightest of understanding… and it was such an energetic understanding, that words just don’t do it justice.  But it was like time space as we knew it, folded beyond itself for the creational purposes… but as I realized yesterday, spring equinox was just one fourth of the story.

If we take our equinoxes and our solstice times of the years… there are two of each…  just like the 4 pillars of creation/serpents.  Each, one curl to the energy of created reality.  Each a power source of its own, giving energy to the ALL in completed form.

We have worked our butts off to move beyond the space/time energy and now we can work the pillars, the equinoxes and solstice energies in minutes (eventually, gotta learn how first, but minutes is the outcome.)

My beautiful lady yesterday was given a series of meditations to do, which i am going to share with you as well.  Even if the inner visual is different for you, the 4 pillars will be the constant.  One day, go and spend your meditation time learning, being present with, understanding the pillar on the left side of the east field (and I am giving this in no particular order, just do the area that feels right for you on any given day) then the next day, or next meditation time, do the pillar on the right side of the east field, then on the third day, combine the right and left field as one whole energy from the east.  Then the next three days, repeat for the west field.  One the 7th day, join the whole of the west field and the whole of the east field as one whole energy experience.

If there was anything about any area you didn’t fully integrate within your upper consciousness… repeat!!  Do not be in a hurry to get this done… because if you miss something, well… lets just say the energy structure will be incomplete.  We humans can be in a hurry to get to the finish line without fully understanding the road we are creating for ourselves.

Patience is always key!!

The next important step after all this energy is in play:  TRUST THE PROMPTINGS OF YOUR BODY!!  Remember, your biological field is a key player in this game of creation and knows what needs to be done to bring the energy into reality.  Go with it… whatever “it” is!!  Because if you do not… that energy that you worked so hard to create, will find the person who is willing to “go with it.”  Because once energy comes into form, it desires to live too… and WILL!!  Co-Creation at its finest!!

Remember, you are in a brand spanking new Biological field that was created to work with the soul energy of creation, don’t underestimate the power you now hold in your wholeness!!

I find this all so breathtaking, we had to be in our New Biological Light Fields before we could create the House of energy that is changing our world… but we are there now.  I suppose, once we have our house built… the landscape is the next thing to emerge.  Our landscape, will be the very things we need to facilitate all that is in the heart and soul of Life living thru us as us!!

I do want to add something completely different to this sharing.  I had my three month cancer follow up yesterday, first with my wonderful surgeon and his beautiful PA (Physicians Assistant) who happens to be an energy worker herself.  As we were talking about how intense the energies are on earth and in body these days, she said something that I have no way of looking at.  Since last year, spirit has said there is going to be a tremendous increase in people leaving this realm of reality and going back home or to other timelines to do over things they missed along the way.  She had said that she has seen an incredible increase in deaths the last 3 months… one week a patient comes in seemingly fine, the next week, they passed on.

These energies we are now in, are ripping open the fabric of time… intensifying everything on every level.  Dealing with any and all left over debris within is crucial for everyone.  LOVE in all its purity and wonder, will be the only thing that survives this Shift of the Ages.

No matter what you may find yourself dealing with in life… LOVE IT, be excited about it.  Honor the passage of the darkness of the ego fully illuminated by the Light of your Soul.

Trust your body on every level.  Stay out of what anyone thinks is good or bad for you… honor yourSelf completely.  The divine counterpart relationship MUST start with the Self madly and completely in love with the self.  All-Ways!!

By the way… every part of my body, blood and biology, has restored itself to pure HEALTH!!  LOVE is the greatest cure of ALL!!

I love you all with every breath of my heart!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss in every present moment of NOW!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Just a reminder that a small rate increase on all readings and packages goes into affect April 1st. / link to original article

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