Ron Van Dyke – OPPT & Symbols Of The Occult Illuminati – 21 March 2013

Uploaded on 21 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke

Paul Short wrote an article that was posted on linking the One People’s Public Trust with the Occult Illuminati. To me, there is a serious flaw in his reasoning, even though I do get it that lots of the world is still trapped in that old paradigm mindset. The idea that dark, powerfully evil forces are in control of this world has been around for a long time and is embraced by the religious control system put in place to control the minds of the people. It has been highly effective; however, new energies are sweeping planet, wave after wave. The is Carl Jung’s enantiodromia, the reverse flow of energy. That reverse flow is exactly what the OPPT is all about. It is a return to the Law of One (monism instead of dualism), a return to Prime Source, to the Ultimate Creator of ALL THAT IS. This does not yet register with a lot of people like Mr. Short who is still caught in the old ways. All symbols and occult (hidden) meanings now mean the opposite of what they meant before. It’s been turned upside down. Until we can see that and know it in our heart, we will continue to resist the changes for good that are upon us.


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