Visionkeeper – Beware! Information Overload… – 21 March 2013

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I was just reading through several blogs I go to regularly and saw a post on what is really going on in Cyprus. A Cyprus understanding for dummies so to speak. I began to read it and I found myself having to keep going back to what I had just read and start over. My brain did not want anymore information thank you very much. It was full to overflowing with no available space for future storage. I truly wanted to understand what was going on in Cyprus, but my brain was rebelling! I suddenly realized I think, why we are in the mess we are in today.

If we store too much information in our brains we reach a point where we can’t take in any more data and if we can’t take in the data, we are left uninformed and if we are unable to know and understand what is going on, we just fade out and everything becomes of little consequence. If you stop and really think about the size of the world and everything going on it and what we are being expected to ingest, it is no wonder the world is on overload. I don’t really know if there is a limit to how much data the human brain can hold, but if there is, we’ve reached it!

People are drowning in the minutia. Whether it is by design or not I’m not going to get into now, but none the less it is occurring! This realization made me go within to look for the core issue, as I always do, as that is how I solve problems. It would seem to me the first line of defense in this battle being waged for our minds, would be to find a way to urge people to turn off their television sets and seek out truthful news on the internet if need be. I can hear you now, saying “But I’ve been telling people for years”. Yes a great many of us have been, but I realize now it requires more than just telling people.

There are at least four types of thinkers in the world, maybe more, I don’t know for certain. Each kind of thinker takes in information in different ways, be it listening, reading, writing or watching etc. Because of this fact it is imperative we find a way to sound the alarm about TV that incorporates all types of thinkers so they can get the message.The message for people as to the importance of stopping TV must be created in a format that resonates with all types of people! Not easy to accomplish. A society refusing to be brainwashed by propaganda is a society free to think for itself! I am a big picture thinker and a brain stormer. I just figure out what needs to get done, but we also need someone else out there who is able to pick up the ideas and run with them, who can put thoughts into action and create! Shut down the television propaganda overload in particular and you begin to make huge strides forward. Now who out there creates? Ideas anyone?

It is time to simplify our minds and our lives, open the windows inside out heads and let the clutter spill out. We have been systematically taught throughout our lives that to be anyone of value you had to know what was going on in the world, be up to date. Why should we have to know all the goings on in other countries on a regular basis? If something major comes up that affects us that’s one thing, but just sitting in front of the boob tube every night sucking in all the negative and most often depressing news of death and horror is UNCALLED FOR! This is where the information overload comes from. A steady diet of  drivel that has no importance as to how you live your life. Save that space in your brain for figuring out how you can be the best that you can be and begin doing that by living and thinking simply!

Blessings to us all,

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