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Nancy Tate – Hatonn – 22 March 2013

hatonn Good day dear ones! I am Hatonn, and I am here to tell you that so much is happening within the framework of what will be in place when the mess is cleaning up. There is so much that has been readied and will be set into place when all of the rubble is cleared away and the ones who created it have either seen their folly, or have been taken to their own holographic planet. They don’t even recognize their power of creativity to the utmost, for this holographic planet is of their creation. They are so dependent on keeping their power that they have secured their desire to reign and have separated themselves even further from the rest of humanity. Continue reading

Lucas – A Lot In Motion And E-motion – Turmoil In Mind-Feeling Land – Denying Source – 22 March 2013

tumblr_m4l9tuVnlD1qjj175o1_500The vernal equinox brought a lot of turmoil with it. A lot got in motion with a lot of e-motion.  A mine field of  old stuff and obstacles that was still in the way of your path of free flow. It had to be cleared out. It is part of the journey you take in activations and clearing to become a fully activated BEing.  Feelings come up and feelings go. Strong and minor ones. The bigger the feeling the more mind-activity comes with it. Too much thoughts can trigger or intensify emotions.  The mind plays its rationalization part. The seeing things from … etc, and they are often still ego based. It is needed to let go. I feel a lot of us do not understand it is not a switch you throw and ascension is complete and your fully in 5D reality. You have to develop and go through it doing it yourself.  Not by thinking there is NO source you have to connect to.  There is already light within you  and your chakra system, but it is not enough to get you fully powered to BE that fully fetched crystalline ascended BEing and a 5D creator. Continue reading

Peter Van Runt – The Mind, Death And Freedom – 22 March 2013

Uploaded on 22 March 2013 by peter van runt What is the Mind,What is Death and How Does It Relate to Freedom? Another Dissertation of The Philosophical Kind.

Kathryn Lucariello – The Revolution Has Begun : Local Resident Says Police Enforcement Illegal And All Debt Is Cancelled – 22 March 2013


Ira Goodman says that because all banks, corporations and governments have been foreclosed on by the “One People’s Public Trust,” we are no longer subject to “Illegal actions” like a speeding ticket, which he received last week from Eureka Springs police. He’s testing that theory. He also says that as of Monday, all debt is cancelled. Photo by Kathryn Lucariello Continue reading

CriticalMassRadio – Lisa – The Cry Freedom Radio Show With Ron Van Dyke – 22 March 2013

https://i2.wp.com/criticalmassradio.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Show-Info-44.jpgCritical Mass Radio – CMR – The Cry Freedom Radio Show

Here are the links to yesterday everning’s  radio show with guest Ron Van Dyke. Listen to the last part of the show half hour before the ending of show.That is when the interview starts.

Link to the radio show part 2  second two hours. 


Méline Lafont – Lady Portia – The Breakthrough Of A New Frequency – 22 March 2013

MélineLafontIt is with the greatest of pleasure that I may announce to all of you, precious hearts, that a huge shift has taken place and is currently still unfolding. A wonderful progress has been made in the hearts and in the collective of humanity. Big leaps have been taken by many hearts and countless awakenings are still occurring thanks to the energetic influx of the spring equinox and to the energies coming in from Galactic center.

A large number of awakened souls have diligently participated in this process and have enlightened their soul in such a way that a big part of the collective have instigated a new Ascension process. As we now enter into this profound and refined world of our Being, all preparations have been made for the next step leading us ever further into the magic of our Being. Numerous influences of the Light have been birthed which will assist everything on Earth to evolve in a more explicit way, which will tintillate the flames in more and more hearts. Continue reading

John Ward – Cyprus : Slog Prediction Vindicated As Moscow Walks Away From Nicosia – 22 March 2013

lowaloneThe lunatics’ intentions are clear: if ever a nation deserved our support, then Cyprus is that nation.

Signs of global looting build up as the MoUs become ever more overt

Medvedev and Barroso finished a news conference within the last ninety minutes, at which it seemed clear to most observers that Cyprus is now alone. To protect us all, Nicosia must leave the eurozone – and stop the madness in its tracks – or we will all wind up penniless. Continue reading