Lucas – A Lot In Motion And E-motion – Turmoil In Mind-Feeling Land – Denying Source – 22 March 2013

tumblr_m4l9tuVnlD1qjj175o1_500The vernal equinox brought a lot of turmoil with it. A lot got in motion with a lot of e-motion.  A mine field of  old stuff and obstacles that was still in the way of your path of free flow. It had to be cleared out. It is part of the journey you take in activations and clearing to become a fully activated BEing.  Feelings come up and feelings go. Strong and minor ones. The bigger the feeling the more mind-activity comes with it. Too much thoughts can trigger or intensify emotions.  The mind plays its rationalization part. The seeing things from … etc, and they are often still ego based. It is needed to let go. I feel a lot of us do not understand it is not a switch you throw and ascension is complete and your fully in 5D reality. You have to develop and go through it doing it yourself.  Not by thinking there is NO source you have to connect to.  There is already light within you  and your chakra system, but it is not enough to get you fully powered to BE that fully fetched crystalline ascended BEing and a 5D creator.

We are now in the dormant stages of 5D reality.  We only can really get it when we go through the total of changes that are brought about by you going within connecting heart to source  and by the energetic and physiological changes that happen also due to the energies from source sent to our planet and humanity.  Denying the energies to come in from source or telling your chakra energy system is non-existing or false and having your own light embodied within you without any way to power it up again makes no sense. It is like having a battery that is capable to amp up for heavy amperage in stages but it can not get there as it is sealed and therefore there  is no way to re-load it.

The obstacle courses now seen in the past days are still about letting go and letting flow. It is about uniting all that is polarized by embracing and loving it without fighting the fight again.  It is about seeing all that is and that what has played its role or in some cases is still playing. The play has ended and it is time to come all to the foyer with each other and unite and celebrate a succesful piece performed about duality. The Oscars,  The Bafta’s or any other reward for that is not enough. The curtains are drawn and all the participants and public are happy, full of joy and bliss as it is over. If we have gone through our ascension stages ourselves we can go jump from dormant to full 5D reality.  Then it is time for an other script to play. Not yet written but written on the go by  experience, exploration,  through just BEing and DOing that what we are from our inner core from love and unity without limitations.

Let all that comes across in your mind just pass and ask yourself the question why are those obstacles still there?  Are they maybe put in place by yourself or by some other person or belief system, religion? Are you still a follower or seeking a saviour?  Even the littlest belief or concept or even stringent dogma or rule you put in place will get you stuck in the old.  Stuck in the middle of nowhere. The new paradigm is about free-flowing vibrational frequency, most call it energy. If the free is limited it cannot flow. So making all sorts of constructs in your mind or having rigid ideas or principles  or beliefs will not help to get you moving again. Does it feel good or do you not feel good about it, feel it and go with it.  Do not only talk or think about feeling, but feel it really inside of you by feeling it yourself.  Make it no hollow words, but  real feelings from your heart. See if your choices are obstructs  or if they are beneficial in any way to the highest outcome or good for all including you and the free flow of love and energy.

The flow is needed to make things happen and expand. All will be coming or going and is constant change in the now. Part of the flow in you is you manifesting things properly.  If you want to pull abundance from source from a negative perspective you will get lack. You pull abundance from a knowing all is there for you  at the right time and moment if needed and manifested by positive thought, you will get it. You know it will manifest in the right moment of now so to say.  There is not really time anymore, but it is a concept we still use or understand as such.  All is just now: past, present and future.

Let go of : thoughts that express doubts,  the if’ s , the maybe’ s, the could’s  and would’s  and should be’ s . The doubting of the source is what we are good at as humans. Wow, that is a strange thing. Why manifest at all if you doubt it ever will happen. We doubt source that gives all we ask for and we doubt source which has created us as little creators  in the image of itself.  You always can just ask for the best possible outcome and let things unfold for the highest good for all including you.  You will be presented with the necessary tools, gifts and things on your path to fulfill whatever you need at the moment of now.

Recognizing those tools, gifts and things presented is often also a challenge. If there is no “normality” or construct, belief or concept anymore you recognize as such it is difficult. It even can be something that you never would imagine or have given attention to in the past.  It is maybe totally new to you. Or it might be a person or message that gives you an insight or shows a possible way to what it is you need or want or asked for. Your spirit guides, the angels and lightbeings are also really here to help you. Expect the unexpected is a reality now.  All is open for change and changes constantly happen. Do not think of words as reliable, constant, steady, earned or mine, etc. anymore. In the new things can be added, or you can admit your part of creation to creation or other creations or  you contribute in any form or way you feel that is you BEing and DOing from a higher vibrational perspective.

If all is open for all. So why create organizations. Self-governing  is key. It is about equality and no more power giving away. It is about contributing and sharing equally.  It is hard to learn to be out of the box thinking, better said: feeling with the heart.  We need to feel it in  from the heart connected  to source in order to feel the thought in the mind and see the thought with your third eye and speak the thought forth by your voice  and manifest it to let it go and flow in order to find its way in the creational field. Whatever you think , do or see it is you that still can differ or see things from an other perception.  It is fine as the love and understanding for the journey we all ourselves need to go is an ongoing one. Not everybody is on the same part of the journey. But we all will get there in the end. As it is for all of you open and a choice.

Remember chose wisely and be open-minded,  keep an open heart for all that is and comes on your path. It all is part of your experience and journey towards ascension eventually.

Love and Light,


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2 responses to “Lucas – A Lot In Motion And E-motion – Turmoil In Mind-Feeling Land – Denying Source – 22 March 2013

  1. Beautiful post Lucas… thank you! —> ❤ <—

  2. Totally in resonance in what you are saying. We have been disempowering ourselves for to long and now is the time to get our power back, our divinity and creating the 5D reality that each one of us dreams about! Let s go HU MANS we cando this lol lol .Namaste. Nicole.