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Visionkeeper – Go With The Flow – 22 March 2013

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So many times a day we are presented with synchronistic ideas and possibilities, but by the time we have finished questioning them we have abandoned them and lose yet another chance to experience life a different way. These chance encounters are what move us forward and expand our minds. Stop and listen and more importantly, act upon them fearlessly! They detour us down new avenues and challenge our beliefs about our reality and ask us to be flexible to change. If we act upon them and choose to go with the mighty flow we end up exactly where we are meant to be in life if we choose to trust.

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John Ward – Exclusive : Revealed – The True Size Of The Great Cyprus Robbery – The Looting Of Cyprus By Brussels-Am-Berlin Is The Start Of Global Grand Larceny Against The Citizen – 22 March 2013

CDLTpaintYou may suffer from number-table-column boredom (most sane people do) but it should be easy anyway to work out what I’m on about in relation to the above. Although its full title is the Cyprus Deposits And Levy Table, I have highlighted and numbered the three key points to keep it simple. I am grateful to the Greek source who handed it to me. It leaves B-am-B with a lot of explaining to do. Continue reading

Ariah Velasquez – The Illusion Money Can Impulse – 22 March 2013


This months theme has truly been around money for many. Money can be a beautiful exchange of energy or it can be a control device. Money may give a false sense of power, grandiosity, or the flip side can represent freedom.  Money can make people feel like the hero or the savior to others, but then can end up enabling those to not feel their full power.  Money can build the ego and cause it to think you need certain things that go along with lots of money, the clothes, the traditional beautiful people, and the false sense that others should give respect to you because you hold the key to freedom in this world supposedly.  However, respect comes deeply to those who truly respect and love themselves no matter what they have materialized on the outside.

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Bill Ballard – Thank YOU To ALL Who Participated In The 3-19-13 Global Meditation – 22 March 2013

Uploaded  on 22 March 2013 by pearls2u WE DID IT! Thank YOU to ALL who participated in the Global Meditation. My messages say we reached the critical mass of 8000 persons joining and surpassed it with a total of 9000 persons. This meditation is on going for all who still wish to continue sending LIGHT to humanity and areas of Mother Earth. The vortexes we created are and will continue. As we look back to leading up to this event, I see so many 3-4D “activists” NOT 5-6D and Higher Light Worker or Light Warrior’s who participated trying to discourage others from joining in and adding their focused intent. So much disinformation is out there from these persons, but they are provoking thought inside those who are newly awakening. As those persons newly awakening find their heart, they will learn to feel what TRUTH IS, and that will eventually lead them into their own self Mastery, or Ascension Mastery… Remember, no one can do this for you. It is a personal journey we are ALL doing together. You can so easily see the difference between those in 3-4D with their fear, negativity and lower vibrations, and those who are truly in their hearts holding 5-6D Energies and higher… The latter hold the gates and portals to the higher dimensions for all to pass through, the Wayshowers…. What a game we play…. LOVE!

Cyprus Riots & Bank Runs – 22 March 2013

Uploaded on 21 March 2013 by strongtower0914 Cyprus Riots & Bank Runs http://investmentwatchblog.com/breaki…

Alert ! Millions Of Dead Shrimp Wash Ashore, Staining Beaches Red In Chile! – 22 March 2013

Uploaded on 21 March 2013 by DAHBOO77 Millions of dead shrimp wash ashore on beaches in Chile . Hundreds of dead crab also washed up !

Spacemuffin – Pleiadian message – 22 March 2013

spacemuffinBefore long, the power structures on planet earth will begin to visibly crumble.  The collapse will occur, and it will be final.  Soon afterwards, military control will cease to exist and truths will be revealed.  At that time, very soon afterwards, we will be free to land and meet with you.  Safety would be a large issue at this time, our safety, and there would still be planet wide fear of our approach.  These are the current circumstances.  Our perception of time does not parallel yours and in as much as you have difficulty accepting timelessness, we may have just as much difficulty in viewing time through your human perception.  But we can say that all is in place now, and in the now, systems are, internally, failing. Continue reading