Spacemuffin – Pleiadian message – 22 March 2013

spacemuffinBefore long, the power structures on planet earth will begin to visibly crumble.  The collapse will occur, and it will be final.  Soon afterwards, military control will cease to exist and truths will be revealed.  At that time, very soon afterwards, we will be free to land and meet with you.  Safety would be a large issue at this time, our safety, and there would still be planet wide fear of our approach.  These are the current circumstances.  Our perception of time does not parallel yours and in as much as you have difficulty accepting timelessness, we may have just as much difficulty in viewing time through your human perception.  But we can say that all is in place now, and in the now, systems are, internally, failing.

The time frames for this great shift have been extended, and this has caused a great strain on you, the family of light.  You were not mistaken or misguided, for believing that events should have occurred in a more timely fashion; as an intelligent collective, you could not have been so off base. Changes were made to the plan and adjustments were necessary, and this was all done for the benefit of humanity; planet earth was kind enough to comply but now many things will have to be accomplished in this ‘extension’ that has been granted.  While this delay has caused a few to struggle with faith, the overall benefit was for more awakening, a safer passage, and greater success for mass ascension and widened consciousness.

Many have waited for this time and have anticipated the current events.  While far greater still, exist the sleeping minions.  The challenges are therefore, perceptually unchanged on earth and members of the family of light, or ground control as we sometimes refer to you, have their work cut out for them.  Some of you have longed for our reunions, and now it is time for us to prepare for this coming together.  Those of you who have asked for us to come are being contacted and we have permission to help you deal with any residual fear which you may be feeling, as fear is paralyzing for our mission.  We come to you now and say to you;   Greetings, we are close by.

Earth has been used as a freewill zone, absent of adequate intelligence, for long enough.  This experiment has all but failed and the purpose of it was to see if quicker progress could be made, on an evolutionary level, with all three dimensions and facets of the Prime Source energies:  thought, emotion, and free will.  But earth became a place where the abuse of these gifts, and greed and power befell the inhabitants of this planet.  There are beings on earth that are experiencing their first human life on this planet and some are living those lives now.

The population of humans on earth at this time is far greater than was ever allowed previously.  This was so that the wonder and miracle of this ascension process could touch as many souls as possible, whether highly developed or still in early stages of development.  In relation to this, a certain outcome was hoped for, but never guaranteed.  But it appears that overall, success will be achieved, however humanity must attend to the legal matters that are at the core of the work that will bring this freedom and produce the necessary revelations.

Other zones, or planets, do not provide for inadequately evolved beings to poses these three facets of the Creator God, as this experiment is considered too risky.  Therefore progress and evolution are slower, but less destructive, overall.  Where universal laws are understood and obeyed, there is less harm done, but great learning over lessons associated with suffering, does not occur.  So you see, it is a double edged sword, this earth experiment.

The gift of these three features, which humans have been given, have become twisted on earth.  Intelligence has taken over as manipulation; emotion has become fear based; and free will has been thwarted by loss of liberty.  So the gifts, as it were, have been used for ill gains and those who come to earth are here to experience this existence for the lessons it provides.  However, the earth could not continue to sustain the damage to her physical and spiritual body:  the abuse cannot go on and this magnificent entity will be restored to her previous and original condition.  The exploitation of this planet has reached its end and the newly restored earth will see a much different reality exist on her surface.  It must be that way and nothing will stop this regeneration. Those who have retained power are refusing to believe that earth no longer belongs to them.  And this is what they simply cannot accept. Pain and suffering, which has become widespread on this beautiful planet, always carried with it an expiration date; and that time is now at hand.

To the family of light, we say, keep your focus now.  Remain centered and in balance.  Let go of the emotions you have been experiencing, the constant flux and inconsistency, for the time has come to pull your energies together and turn towards that which is ‘outside yourselves.’  To explain things to you in words is sometimes difficult, as the meaning is lost by this form of communication.  Therefore tune into your dreams, turn your attention to your inner voice and your higher self, and know that the times are now at hand.

In finality, we wish to say to you that the separation of energies must occur.  Again, it is a perceptual separation, for there really is no such thing.  But the physical reality, found in the illusion, which contains many varied energies, is dividing and the laws of attraction are universal laws that cannot be manipulated.  It is still the lower emotions and the ego that holds you to what is no longer serving you.  And if it does not serve you, it does not serve earth.  It is that uncomplicated, from our simple perspective.

Many of you are now hearing us and we are pleased that this time has come.  You are the ambassadors of light and your conduction is mirrored in all facets of your being:  In your words, your thoughts, and in your heart centers. And there is only One frequency that is required now; One energy and One vibration to return to:  LOVE.  We know that all of you who are awake are already tuning in and feeling the changes, and our message is only minimally necessary.

Where you cannot practice love, practice neutrality, so that the power of negative emotion does not keep feeding the illusion.

Be at peace and you will be guided.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin

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