Lisa Gawlas – “The Presence”Permeates The Field Of Life – 23 March 2013

the presenceMan, this daylight savings time is kicking my sleep patterns in the pants, which is also kicking my ability to share in the pants too!!  The one thing I am sure of tho, something huge has been underway, within us, within life itself for this last week.  The readings are starting to show that not only are we sporting our new biology of light, we are starting to string out the party lights into the fields of life as well.

Thru the readings I am seeing the field of life meeting you at your heart center, preparing the way forward for you.  Granted, this process is just unfolding and for many, may not even realize that something huge is being laid out… but it is!  Just as it is taking us some time to adjust to our new light field within, it will take us a little time to see and understand and USE the energy surrounding us as a co-creative partner in this new world.

Example, I had one lady who’s reading showed a beautiful, gel like red carpet being laid out for her directly at the front of her watery heart field.  The energy in this red carpet emitted little white/silver sparks and her job was to feel, with her feet, the energy moving up and thru her and follow it outwards.  I had another person out in the front of his watery heart field, catching  baby snakes that were raining down everywhere (new growths of soul energy.)  I watched as he was catching some of these baby snakes, placing them in the front pockets of his jeans, and the snakes turned into a liquidy clear/light yellow energy that will enhance and fuel his hips… his initial moments forward into the rain of change.

I am also finding as well, no two people are alike, hell, not even similar in the energy field that is presented to them as they move outward into their inner heart field of their created life.  I suppose, as it should be, since we all have a unique task we came prepared to do at this very moment in time.

With all this intensity and massive change happening within everyone I read for, I was surprised I never had a moment of “down time.”  Ya know, those times of deep integration as all your own energy aligns and becomes the next phase of y/our evolution.  Well, I hit that place yesterday.  But this time, it feels so different than every before.

Let me back up a day.  A new bird appeared on the landscape of my back yard.  At first glance, I thought I was viewing a prehistoric time… then I realized, OMG there is a wild turkey eating with all the birds, squirrels and bunnies out in the yard.  I ran to get my phone camera to take his picture, when I finally got my camera ready, he started leaving the back yard and walking down the footpath to the Mesa.  I gently went outside and followed him.  He got between some brush and literally… vanished.  My eyes were trained on his movement, to the right and left of the brush is wide open so I would have seen if he ran either way… this is a 3 foot tall fat turkey, I surely would have seen him if he flew away… he did neither.  By the time I got directly in line with that spot on the footpath… he was just not there.

I stood there dumbfounded for a moment just trying to get a feeling of where the hell did you go… nothing.  I went back to the house, looking out my back door again, puzzled when I realized a huge shadow fell on the lower half of the Mesa.  The upper half of the Mesa was all lit up by sunlight, the lower half was as if night fell there.  There was this feeling to the energy of the shadow… like the guardians were sending a message, especially since they already showed last week, how great they are with their “elemental magic.”

I remembered the conversation I had with them (the guardians) last week about looking to the animal energy thru my book “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews.  The keynote (from that book) of the Turkey is:  Shared Blessing and Harvest.  The season, Autumn  which is represented by the West field, where this turkey showed up at and that houses the energy of the Mesa.  As I scanned the understandings of the turkey via Ted Andrews, I read something that just caught me in the throat:  ”some stories tell of Indian sorcerers would turn themselves into turkeys and prowl around other villages.”   I thought to myself… could this turkey be a precursor to Jorge?

I kept my eye on the back yard for the rest of the day, hoping this huge turkey would wander back in.  He didn’t.

Just as I placed my first reading call of the next day (yesterday) there he was, hanging on the west field of the back yard.  I asked my lovely lady on the phone if she mined if I took a moment to get a picture of this bird… grabbed my camera, and the moment he noticed me, he once again, started walking down the footpath towards the Mesa.  But, he did stop to pose for a picture:


I put my phone down and looked again out the back door… he was just gone.  Completely gone.  It seems he vanishes the moment I blink!!  But then, as I was scouring the landscape trying to figure out how a huge bird like that disappears from sight, I caught a glimpse of something that resembled a cigarette butt just out from my back door.  First of all, I NEVER throw butts on the ground… ever!  Plus, it had a white filter, not my brand… if this was indeed a butt.

Thru my first 3 attempts at reading yesterday, I realized I am completely down.  My vision and hearing were nonexistent and I could feel the energy of upgrade. Dammit!!  Why can’t these upgrades happen on days I have a light schedule… but hell no!!

I kept feeling this bird is trying to get me to go sit down by the Mesa.  Since I now had extra time in my day, I will do just that.  As I sat on my tree stump and opened my heart to the guardians of the Mesa, I realized, my internal vision was so blurry I couldn’t see a thing, my hearing, same way.  Now I realize this upgrade, is big!  I have not experienced the “void” when sitting at the Mesa.  But something else was bigger than all that.  The Feeling I was sitting in.

There was only one other time in all my journey the feeling I was sitting in… feeling all around me and within me, was experienced.  It was during a “Life Between Life” regression, going back to the Home of spirit as taught by Michael Newton PhD.  During this hypnosis session you go to what is called the “counsel of elders” and our point was to talk about the progression of my life on earth.  The area I met these 5 amazing elders was called “The Temple of the Presence.”  The moment I went into this temple on the other side of the veil, I could feel it.  A pulsing vibration of such pure love.  I realized it was the presence of God.

This was the very same energy I was sitting in yesterday.  It was everywhere and so very very alive, knowing, presenting.

When I came back to the house, I picked up that thing that looked like a cigarette butt, sure enough it was a Marlboro butt and no one here but me that smokes.  Not my brand and I do not smoke non menthol’s.  With it came the feeling… Jorge’s arrival is closer than I realize.

Something huge has transpired in ALL of our lives this precious month of March, and is becoming more and more alive within and around us.  It is going to be sooo exciting to see, feel and understand what it all means to us now.

Please know, YOU are an absolute energy that makes up the field I live within.  What happens here, thru me, is happening to you as well!!

Happy, year long Thanks-Giving to All, from the heart of life to the heart of you… lived out loud in created matter!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Just a reminder that a small rate increase on all readings and packages goes into affect April 1st. / link to original article

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