Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Cartoon Life – 24 March 2013

God said:gods20hand

What are these, the cares of the world that hang over you? What does not hang over you in your day to day life. You have said that you are not made for this demanding life, that you are made for better things, that you are better than this, better than at the mercy of the details and obligations of life. You are quite right.

Pass through these many disturbances. Do not collect them. They are not collectibles. Not at all. Why are you collecting them then? Why inhale every little thing that would like to stick to you?

If you have attached one-hundred decals to you, peel them off now. And don’t paste them on to you again, not even for one moment. Whatever accrues to you, you are the accruer.

If you feel that life is too much and that you are shot daily, hourly, with barbed darts about small matters, who smolders there and allows himself to be shot at?

You have matters to take care of. You don’t walk off into the sunset leaving your obligations behind. At the same time, you don’t have an obligation to maintain the stress that working on the job and living at home seem to entail. All that is an add-on, an unfortunate add-on. You can take care of daily occupations, and still be as free as a bird. Yes, you really can.

It is your choice to enjoy what you may call the daily grind. It is as much your choice to make the details of life light and easy, just as much as it is your choice to drag the little aggravations around with you. Who is it that tells you to suffer each detail? Nobody but you. Certainly, not I.

Have I not told you to have fun? Have I not told you to enjoy and to enjoy again and to enjoy more? Change your script, beloveds. Perhaps you can even enjoy that which you presently do may not enjoy.

Decide to take delight in your daily life. You can do it. Nothing has to take precedence over your joy. You are the umpire of your life. What you say, goes. You may have to be somewhere certain hours, yet you call the shots. Call them then. Do not be blown around by the winds of annoyance. You are not obligated to be under tension. If you don’t like it, don’t have it. Replace annoyance and aggravation with balance and good will, and a sense of humor will help.

Have you not been a cartoon character leading a cartoon life with the same plaints over and over again? Revise your script. Take care of the details of life. Really, are they so bad that you have to let them keep you from your share of joy?

Be the Prodigal Son who returns to his rightful home. The Prodigal Son of yourself does not live in a mire. He does not get bogged down by life. He makes a change. He returns to where he came from. And you, beloveds, I certify that you came from joy, and to joy you will return.

Now you can take a step by letting go of aggravation. It doesn’t belong to you, not by a whisker. Aggravation is a false bill of goods. It does not hold you in good stead. You are its fall guy. What are you doing anyway, keeping aggravation to you. Drop it like a hot potato. It is a hot potato. If you don’t like feeling aggravated, and you don’t want to feel aggravated, don’t take it on. Take the responsibility for it, and toss out the aggravation. It was never yours to take in the first place. Why would you have aggravation accompany you when you can take lightness of heart? / link to original article

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