Lisa Gawlas – The Colors Of Your Soul Song…Creating… – 24 March 2013

The_Music_Of_Life_by_Joe_MaccerAmazing, we are down to the last week of March and closing the door on the first quarter of 2013.  Time has gone by in a blink and we have gone thru so many massive inner and outer changes in that blink.  Now, we have one last week to really orient ourselves with the changes.  Life itself has linked up to your new, super enhanced energetic biological form.  Our finer “spiritual skills” are going to be crucial in knowing how to walk and co-create in this new (which is really old) way.

In the last several days of readings, I have had the pure privilege of witnessing each and every persons new relationship to life, energetically.  No two people have the same energetic landscape around them.  No two people have the same biological energy field that connects to the field of life.  Each so uniquely different.  Life itself is vibrating and working with your personal soul signature.

One can ask, hasn’t it always been like this… I would have to lean towards… no, not really.  We started out as this mass of human collection.  Our bodies were heavy and dense, moving thru the muck and fear we accumulated along the many lifetimes to here.  Stripping down to our true light body was very much a group effort, sharing techniques and ways of becoming more clear.  Life supported this clearing on all levels and even did so thru groups in similar ways.

But now, we are no longer wearing that cloak of disguise from ourselves.  Instead, we are sending out into created reality, our very own, very unique soul song and life is responding and creating to those notes.  All of your mastery is sung out into creation thru your song, which is really a series of very unique vibrations that emit a series of tones.

Right now, life can read your soul song better than you most of the time.  You and I, we are still in the phase of remembering, life, just knows.

So what is happening this week, is the song of Life is starting to ping your soul song with energy, with waves of energy to help you become familiar with the way life is now communicating directly to your body.  This a week to by hyper-aware of all energies flowing around you, into you, stirring you in the direction we will just call April.

March came with some wonderful buffers in place as we learned to be in this new biological field of light and this week with life directly communicating its needs to us as we learn to feel that and move, with trust to those energetic promptings within.  April releases the buffers!

There is another change that has happened and that has to do with the vibration of color.  We have long associated color with the human body and the energy field that was associated with various chakra points.  I have realized with vivid clarity these last few days, there is ohhhhhh so much more to the energy of color than that and each color spectrum is a unique frequency for the person who harnesses that.

Fortunately, all of life knows we are “re-membering” how to use and Be the fullness of who we are, so we have been given three color vibrations to start to harness within ourselves (at least from my “view” of both the new biological field as well as the field of life itself) for those I call sun workers, we have white, yellow and gold that seems to be the primary colors right now.  For earth workers, it is deep blues, violets and black.

Honestly, I don’t know much more than that.  Please don’t take that to mean no other colors are available or will be seen… not even!  But our primary make-up is made of these three color spectrum and from what I understand, on purpose.  Each hue from the color spectrum contains vital energy, information and creative ability.  As we learn to recognized and use the signatures in what is available to us, to harness it and use it as our creative pallet of life, we add to the higher collective and those making their way to this new world, this new way of Being in Life, will automatically have available to them what we are discovering/remembering now.  Very much like the 100 monkey theory.

The more proficient we become with what is available to us, the more that will be added for us to use.  No wonder spirit had said so many times, this phase we are in will be ongoing thru May 2015.

The one thing I am understanding (albeit slightly) is the answers to the question “what am I here to do” is contained in these color variations within each and every person.  At least the beginning phase of that as it applies to the work we are doing in/on this new holographic earth.

There are many things the sun has already deeply impregnated earth with and our job is to uncover that and bring it to life, however we may do that!  There equally is many things the earth needs from the sun, our job is to harness that and seed it into our earth.  A deep and binding partnership of heaven and earth/sun and creation.

In all the readings yesterday (6) the month of April was kept out of view (for the most part)… when spirit shuts out the information for a coming month, that month is huge!!  So huge that spirit doesn’t want us to feel intimidated in any way because of the vast changes of frequency and acceleration associated with it.  The one thing the field had said over and over again yesterday, be in your now moment and pay attention to the field of energy around you and how it is communicating with you on all levels.  No doubt, a precursor to the swift movement we will experience in April.

I do want to share one of the amazing things that happened on the field yesterday… a communication from life that was so unmistakable and so very exciting at the same time.

My first reading of the day over slept.  She called me 15 minutes into her reading time and by that time, I didn’t have the availability to do a full reading without bumping into my next appointment.  But she did let me take a little look at her, first, to see if I was working (I never know until that first reading of the day) as well as to give her a glimpse of where she is at in the field.  I could see her beautifully and as we were winding down what we were seeing, that Turkey came barreling up the footpath and stopped the moment it made its way into the circle of rock at the West Field.  It was the first time I seen that turkey run… of course, this was only the third time I had seen it ever.

I got such a powerful message from him that even if you “sleep in” your harvest will be there when you awake.  No need to ever worry if you (or someone you know) are going to miss out on life’s bounty… it will pick up speed getting to you!!

Life is excited to be Here, co-creating and consciously participating with You, with Us.

We are now living a never-ending Merry Christ-Mas and Happy Thanks-Giving in ways we have never even dared to dream before… but life dared!!

I love you All soooo much.  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) heaped with the bounty of Life ALL around you!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Soul Gym Today at 8 am MDT.  Topic:  Life’s communication system and hearing the Song of our Lives!! / link to original article

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