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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 24 March 2013

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

There has been a great influx of higher Cosmic energies that have been inundating the atmosphere of Earth and  this energy is working through all of Humanity in a way of cleansing which is not a pleasant process for those who have not been awakened to the knowledge of the evolutionary process that is now occurring. Knowledge or not, each person on the planet must go through the process, for it is planet wide. As the mental and emotional upheavals take place within each Soul, a greater awareness of their own power is taking place and much adaptation and acceptance must take and for the most part, IS, taking place. Continue reading


US Bank Depositors Set Up For The Slaughter – 24 March 2013

burningdollarsApparently now, according to this court ruling [below], money you deposit in a bank no longer belongs to you any more – not really…. So this is all being set up for the “anti-christ” who is going to “save us”?

US bank depositors set up for the slaughter

They have already set legal precedence here in the U.S. with the Sentinel case, haven’t they??

Effectively turning all depositors into shareholders in the institutions where they deposit their money. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – The Hum From Within – 24 March 2013

shacklesTake 7 minutes and watch this awesome and amazing video that Gabrielle and Michael have made- your heart will zoom to the sky and beyond!! ..…SO IT IS DONE, unrebutted

The Hum From Within from Gabrielle on Vimeo. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Colors Of Your Soul Song…Creating… – 24 March 2013

The_Music_Of_Life_by_Joe_MaccerAmazing, we are down to the last week of March and closing the door on the first quarter of 2013.  Time has gone by in a blink and we have gone thru so many massive inner and outer changes in that blink.  Now, we have one last week to really orient ourselves with the changes.  Life itself has linked up to your new, super enhanced energetic biological form.  Our finer “spiritual skills” are going to be crucial in knowing how to walk and co-create in this new (which is really old) way. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Where Is Spring? – 24 March 2013

amazing-animals-art-beautiful-Favim.com-649107(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Winter seems to continue to linger at the back door with little reprieve from the cold this year. The calendar may say spring, but mother nature seems confused about what kind of weather to produce. The cold weather tends to keep a lot of us indoors by the fire and come spring we long to burst forth and rejoin the outside world getting our hands in the dirt and growing our gardens. Looking at the extended forecast this morning it would appear next week’s temperatures are on this rise and will no doubt begin eradicating some of the snow. Thank Goodness. As I write now it is snowing yet again making for yet another dark, overcast day. I am a bit weary of it all.  Weary as well of watching the continuing destruction of this country and seeing so little resistance to the assault! It is quite baffling to be sure, not to mention depressing and exhausting. It is past time for change to begin in earnest and like I always say that change begins with us. Continue reading

John Ward – Sunday Sketch : Draghi Disapperance Scoop – 24 March 2013

Angela Merkel and Nicos Anastasiades“Never seen in same room together,” claims Sophia Giordiano

Anastasiades with Merkel draghimerk

Draghi with Merkel

In a series of sensational revelations this morning, Umbrian mother of four Sophia Giordiano claimed to know the truth about ECB boss Mario Draghi’s mysterious unwillingness to be seen in public of late. This is a transcript of her evidence to the Italian League of Reptile Hunters founded by her financier son Armanio: Continue reading

Marilyn Rafaelle – The Acturian Group – 24 March 2013

Arcturian-GroupWe of the Arcturian Group welcome all who choose to read these messages.  We come today with news of great excitement as we see change rapidly falling into place for a new world order.  It is time for the Light to manifest in more ways than you have anticipated which you have worked hard to bring  about.  Be ready to see change within all systems of your world, for the energy is rapidly reaching a level in which change can manifest.  Do not sit and wait, but go about your daily chores  knowing in your hearts that all is proceeding according to plan.  Try not to imagine or anticipate specific changes for that interferes with the natural unfolding of events according to the energies in place and  is based on personal concepts of how things need to appear.  Rest, knowing within your hearts that the Divine I knows how and where to manifest, and you do not have to tell it what to do or how to do it, your job is to know the truth and trust it. Continue reading