Bill Ballard – Whatever Situation You Find Yourself And Others In – Be Respect Full – 25 March 2013

Uploaded  on 25 March 2013 by pearls2u

As we enter another Coronal Hole Stream and the intensity of the Cosmic Ray Density affects our physical beings, along with the Banking systems taking of individual depositors bank accounts globally, the vibrations are really separating the various dimensional levels people play on. Activists are getting worried and are in fear and anger. Persons holding onto 5D and higher are holding their energies. Some of us play continue playing the multi-dimensional game of expose’ and working on the waking of humanity bringing them out of their 3D sleep, and showing them what is unfolding on Earth. I see 4D Activists who cannot comprehend 5D and higher are disagreeing that we must make this transition in and from a state of LOVE, while continuing the awakening of humanity. They wish to have physical confrontations with the powers that were. I so strongly disagree. Some of those who hold higher energies but don’t focus effort on the awakening of humanity disagree with others of us who hold higher vibrations but continuing our work on waking humanity, not knowing what energetic “hits” we take, both in our fields and also on our computer systems we use to waken others. What a game this IS!  Please be respect-full of each other and realize this is ONLY a game we play!

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