AmericanKabuki – Love & Light Request For Bill And Eva – 26 March 2013

Love & Light Request for Bill & Eva

Bill Brockbrader has court today, so I told Eva I would put the word out for some energetic support. After all Bill has been through, it is time for him to be released from the drama. Bill, as well as all other eternal essence’s embodied, who have been falsely imprisoned for crimes the did not commit, or ANY crime without a victim, deserve to be free to co-create our new paradigm. The time is NOW to remove the shackles. The illusion of suffering is OVER. SO IT IS DONE. Much Love to you Bill and Eva!!

In Absolute Gratitude,

~ Brian

A message from Eva:

he is Already free because he stood up 1 year ago and told the truth ! He is already free because he now knows the level of deception the the Judicial courts have been using, now he knows TRUTH its only a matter of time for his outer world to catch up with the inner work he has done! Bill is already free because he has the capacity stand as a warrior in truth and with out fear and hold the field in a vibratory pattern long enough for US to catch up with him ! ARE WE THERE YET? ARE WE FREE? I AM ♥ ♥
One of Bill’s favorite YouTube videos of all time 🙂 Enjoy!

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