Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Why Would You Compare Yourself To Another Anyway? – 26 March 2013

gods20handGod said:

Whatever person you may feel superior to at any given moment, you may be sure that there is an area where that offending person exceeds you. If you happen to think the person is not so smart, there is an area where he is smarter than you. This is always the case. This can take many forms. The other may be superior to you in that he doesn’t look for fault. He may be superior to you in that he likes you.

Facts are facts, of course. Nevertheless, what are you doing spending your time and energy on perceiving lesser areas in another. There are better uses of your time, your mind, your heart and so forth. Certainly, you have something worth putting your attention on. How little you may think of another is not one of them.

Indeed, someone may indeed have weaknesses you see, of course, and so do you have weaknesses that you may not see. In this case, arrogance may be a weakness within you that you don’t want to look at.

What are you doing comparing yourself with another anyway? Are you needing to build yourself up? What weakness do you reluctantly see in yourself that you must counteract by putting another down? Why eliminate some people from your list? Why are you keeping a list if only in your mind? You consider some of My children acceptable and others unacceptable. Who are you, dear ones, to dismiss another?

You do not have to accept everyone into your entourage of close friends, yet you do not have to erase them from your view. There is not to be an admittance fee to your heart. All are passersby’s anyway. The personality that is you and the personality that is another are here one moment and gone the next anyway. What are you thinking when you pause in front of this person to affix him with your critical eye?

Enough of affixing fault to another child of Mine. If you want to add light to the world, pin up Christmas lights rather than make targets of people who are not in your favor right now.

Consider for a moment if I were to ask you to introduce people to Me. How would you introduce people to Me? How would you introduce this particular person to Me? Would you say: “Here is the most idiotic child of Yours I have ever met?” You wouldn’t, would you? You wouldn’t even think of it in My Presence. Hey, dear one, I am always in your presence. You would wither in front of Me at your description of this person whose fault is that he doesn’t come up to your standards. What about Mine? What about Mine?

I tell you frankly that you can learn something from this person you lack regard for. For one thing, he may be humbler. He may be right here in your life to make you bigger than you allow yourself to be right now.

Sometimes life does give you second chances. You do admit that you have not always taken the high road in the past. How can you be so sure now that you are right? Right now you just think you are right and you stop there.

I give you second chances galore and a hundred chances and a thousand chances. Your whole life is made of chances, and now I ask you to give another one chance to be free of your indictment and to free yourself from calumny and a shadow you cast over yourself. Even when your assessment is correct, it is not right of you. / link to original article

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