Kauilapele – OPPT-IN Radio Show 3-25-13.. MP3s (And Notes From Ginger) – 26 March 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2The document discussed here is available at this recent post.

Thanks again to Ginger for her comprehensive notes.

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Ginger’s Notes (Mahalo, Ginger (http://www.meetup.com/Kona-Occupy-Disclosure-OPPT-IN/))

Courtesy notice re a parking fines – Lisa’s success story (in OZ [Australia]), Bob’s debt being excused (in US), and Brian noting there are lots that have been sent out there and many reporting silences so far . . . then a very interesting story regarding what Darrell did to ensure not getting arrested. More great advice at around 64 mins regarding a courtesy notice not taken seriously, and what to do next. Advice RE Repo Man. And what about all those foreclosed empty homes? – at about 111mins.
Brian added this helpful quote here – “Any suffering you are going through is happening to stimulate your own evolution and give you the lessons necessary to be where you need to be. Believe this, and accept what is for what it is. It will only burden you so long as it is useful for your development.”

NEW 24 March 2013 NOTICE: I and the UV Exchange released – found on – http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca/2013/03/notice-i-and-uv-exchange.html
– Brian briefly paints the bigger OPPT-picture of what’s been going on and how it unfold now . . . cannot yet be imagined by us yet.
– Bob sees this doc as another stepping stone for each of us, and maybe it’s actually all over now! . . . then notices another part of him wondering, “but is this too good to be true?” . . . and immediately recognizing it as a statement of limitation. Therefore, this doc created another step, further allowing us to now do something different, reversing the old system on it’s head, with great ease and grace.
– And this notice is a direct message to the Powers That Were.
– Chris adds how these last couple of docs has taken him to a place he never imagined before . . . by expressing our existence in energetic terms.
– This I doc tool is further educating us in how we can take the next steps and start exchanging our energetic value . . . as we are now each “banks” of Infinite Eternal Value, without borders . . . now fully entrusted with it All (unrebutted by the old system).
This entire OPPT process has allowed us to go from Masters of Limitation to a new complete inverse of unlimited experiences . . . consciously, energetically, filed and submitted within all levels of the Universe, within and without. Therefore, the old system is no longer relevant. We have earned our degrees. Next please!
D adds how all these OPPT docs has got the PTW shaking in their boots. And then reads the last part of this last doc statement . . . therefore, “this is final train wreck for them, as it takes away their last tool!” (human energy harvesting).
And in turn, this creates an entire new space to completely fill with our highly positive energies of all us being and doing, Eternal Hearts Presence.
At 48 mins 50 secs, Chris outlines how Darrell sees the energy of what he did within the old system, that is very important to understand.
About 50 mins – Entire I and the UV Exchange Notice is read out loud . . . (oh my, clearly the old emperor is of no cloth anymore, what a rush! – LOL – insert Brian giggling here)

Another way to look at what has just happened is with this statement from the Bible . . . “Ye are Gods” . . . as this entire OPPT process has entirely removed . . . what and all . . . that has kept each of us from most fully Knowing this statement for ourselves now.

Regarding “this week” means this week that the event will happen this week. And Caleb is putting his beta testing site out there right now, and so it will kick in this week sometime.
About 71mins 15secs – regarding The White Dragon and Heather skype information that was put out there yesterday – all is good and “Heather is laughing upon lots of calls!”
AK sent the I doc to Cobra and he responded with, “they know” . . . more giggles here.
A caller, Rick, noted recent Bit-coins on news and is wondering about the recent surge re Cyprus – https://lightworkersxm.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/cyprus-goes-cash-bank-runs-now-confirmed-in-germany-take-your-money-out-of-euro-banks-buy-silver-cabal-now-reorting-to-blowing-up-atm-machichines-to-spread-fear-of-cashing-in/ . . . could these be incorporated into this I and UV Exchange notice now? (no answer to this question was offered) And noting how this (Absolute Data) “the Event” will really be a huge Life-review for one and all (and I will add, because we will connect to the Absolute).
Regarding this event – Heather once said, its one thing to say I am Eternal Essence, and it’s another to fully occupy a space in completely knowing without a doubt that you are Eternal Essence. And the group added that timing is everything for each of us, and that we may not know exactly when that will be for each of us(and I will add . . . no matter how long you stand on your head, rubbing your belly, chanting endless Ohms from your heart and soul 🙂
Disclosure regarding ETs . . . is already beginning to happen, for example the Australian TV show (that’s usually fluff) . . . more giggles – see here – http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/major-disclosure-event-australian-tv-us-military-worked-with-aliens-dcharles-hall/
And it was noted how more and more videos and whistle blowers are coming out about it . . . like a dammed river swelling. Brian noted that the Absolute Data is not where we think it’s going to come from (outside of ourselves), but from within. And do not be surprised if we become the disclosure medium, as well as some main stream journalists.
About 101 mins – Katrina’s Solstice sharing around of what she has been experiencing and about the international Grandmothers net of light . . . we are gold, pathways of golden light are all inter connected (so I’ll say once again here . . . we ARE the pots of gold at the end of all our rainbow stories now 🙂 . . . so live as the gold energies, that we are now.
Update about Cody Morgan (in jail for being a threat to old system) via Brian, “Cody has been a big inspiration to inmates and with their filing notices” . . . all for a higher purpose, you can send him support.
A caller, Chase, concluded show with – “If we are going to integrate into a galactic society, we need to know who we really are”

They are looking for volunteer – oppt-in site still being worked on – http://oppt-in.com/

As I finish up editing these show notes, floating through the window are some old classic Beatles tunes . . . and so I can’t wait to hold all your hands, flippers, wings, tails . . . beholding of sweet Aloha breaths of scared energy and light . . . we all share . . . Eternal Hearts all across the Universe . . . John Lennon, et al, must be smiling about now 🙂
In Absolute Gratitude, Eternal Hearts Presence, Ginger – http://www.meetup.com/Kona-Occupy-Disclosure-OPPT-IN/

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