Lisa Gawlas – Game Change – The Matrix Reloaded!! – 26 March 2013

matrixThe first reading of my day yesterday, the very first thing I seen was my own “inner” eye hovering right in front of me.  It was large and yet, barely open.  Granted, I had gotten up at 2 am and by the time 8 am rolled around, I was kick ass tired and I could tell the reflection of my own eye in front of me was reflecting that same, sleepy energy back to me in the visual.  Little did I understand that it was really telling me that soon, the heaviness in my eyes will get so strong I will fall straight to sleep.  Funny how I can so miss my own messages when they are staring me straight in the face!! lol

1 pm my body completely tapped out, woke up for a solitary moment to potty and return a phone call, then went straight back to sleep until 7:30 pm!!  Holy shit, i slept thru an appointment and the whole flipping day!!  Midnight I was still wide awake…. when I finally fell asleep sometime after 1 am, I woke up after 7 am with a skull crushing headache.  I swear the universe slapped a vise grip from neck to back of head and even as I tried to sit up, they were screwing the bolts in tighter… I was half expecting to hear my skull bones actually crushing from the pressure.

Of course, on this chaotic day, I had a 7:30 reading scheduled… ohhhhhh the pain of hearing a voice in my ear.  I don’t think I ever realized how much energy comes thru the sound of voice…. until this morning.  My second appointment was the same… I couldn’t even hold the phone to my ear, it just hurt.  After my third attempt with another reading and having already downed 2 ibuprofen, I realized each voice that was communicating to me on the phone, was hurting different parts of my brain.  Each of their energies were being received in different parts of my head.  Interesting… but painful!

I wrote to my fourth lady of the day and asked if she would mind delaying our connection… I need a bath!!

Let me tell you, I have the greatest people in the whole wide world that I read for, thank you so much for always understanding!!  My bath proved fruitful on many levels, which I will share in a moment… but when I got out of my bath and called my lady, my headache was down to just a dull ache… so why not try to read!!??

I got a very clear message in the form of a visual!!  A huge red X over something I never realized was there… a portal of energy that starts in my kitchen and opens the multidimensional field of Light into the backyard, where you unfold.  This actually excited me!  I never really thought about how I see you, just like I don’t think about how I breathe each day… this is the first time I really understand some things.  I mean, really understand some things.

We have spent the last year and a half, TOGETHER, opening portals of energy that kept getting higher and higher in the vibrational field of life.  I have said so many times, I cannot and do not “see” like I do when I read for you.  You create a holographic field of light, of information, of higher understandings when we connect… and it is only ever that way, when we CONNECT TOGETHER!!  And each hologram that I see is unique unto our vibrational signatures TOGETHER!!

Now, let me back up to my bath… If there was a title for this profound and perplexing moment in time, I would call it “The Matrix Reloaded” (since that is what my team called it several times in my bath.)

We are now hooked into a field where it is becoming more and more difficult to tell which reality is the real one… the mundane life we appear to be living, or the spiritual one that surrounds us ALL the time!!  The straddling is about to become more perplexing as spirit becomes more real and the mundane almost like a quite whisper in the background of life.

The profound moment in time that we are currently in right now, and from my field of vision, started in earnest yesterday (March 25th)… the buffers are being released from our Light Field.  The energy construct between biology and Life itself, turned on and the frequency increasing.  A binding together like no other ever before experienced in this earth dimensional field.  Hence our erratic sleep patterns and the (at least for me) intense body pains.

We are already starting to get the “back flow” of April energies onto us…

In my bath today, I could see us so much like the hellraiser (movie) images… striations of light creating the earth gridwork of energy straight thru our biology.  Each blast of energy is very much the opening of the cube of Life.  Granted that movie is about evil… but what if we changed it all to be Heaven!!

And imagine each one of our cubes that is open connects to another’s cube of energy… that is how we open and use portals.  Intergalactic frequencies that are available thru each other!!  Thru the love and openness of each other.

Another aspect of my meditation, was getting a fuller understanding/direction for the classes I keep threatening to create.  Well, this morning, I finally got blow by blow details of what and why and before this day is done, I will have this 6 week interactive, hands on class online and ready to fill.

Yesterday, in the field, every person I connected to had the element of pure black to their energy… the deep unknown filling out form, getting ready to be Alive and reveal what has been so purposely hidden until now.

I know there is so much more to share, but my overwhelmingly excited brain has not caught up to it all…. yet!!  This will continue with tomorrow morning’s sharing!!

Ohhh and on a completely different side note (or is it?)…. On March 16th I embarked on a diet and exercise regime.  I reduced my calorie intake by half, and yet, ate more in any given day than I ever had before, and moved more than ever (walks and sweatin to the oldies) and by day 8 had not lost the first single ounce of weight.  I said screw it, made me some wonderfully delightful spinach/tomato Alfredo and cheese noodle dish and indulged in a weeks worth of chocolate and sweets and proceeded to sleep off and on for the next 15 out of 30 hours… and my body lost a whole pound and a half when it insisted I get on the scale this morning.

The point being… our bodies know so much more than the shear amount of information we take in from outside sources that say this is good, that is bad, do this, don’t do that… that when we listen to it… truly and absolutely partner with it, in its own desires, enjoyments and loves… it will create the miraculous inside and out!!  I LOVE this body and the way it gets its point across… so flipping much!!

and…. I love you all sooooo flipping much!!  You truly do expand my world like no one else in life can!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of good vibrations to everyone!!

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