Spread The Message : Call For United One Heart Prayer On 15 May 2013 With Chief Blue Star Eagle And Sister Adele – 26 March 2013

ChiefBlue_Star_Eagle_700O’siyo, Relatives, Greetings,


Open your heart to Brother Chief Blue Star Eagle’s and Sister Adele’s CALL TO PRAY.

(see below…)

UNITED ONE HEART, We will Pray !! on May 15, 2013.

UNIFIED in the Cosmic Natural Time Way, we pray for Mother Earth using Creator’s GIFT,

the Sacred Star Law Symbols of the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan and Maka Wicahpi WicohanWaniyetu,

The Way of the EarthStar, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator in Day by Day Living:

UNIFIED we will pray. You could ACTIVATE these Star Laws. Utilize these Influences.

Open these Doorways.

We will open Doorways through the Dimensions on May 15, 2013 for the Grandmothers and Grandfathers,

The Ancestors to hear our ONE HEART PRAYER to protect Mother Earth.

Call. Sing. Open DIVINE portals of the Heavens. Pray with the help of these Guardians.

Maka Wicahpi Wicohan, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator – 11:11 Star Laws:

1. MOON: KIMIMILA HANHEPI WI – Moon of the Butterfly.

11:11 Star Law Symbol: “Universal Law of Change.” The symbol color is Orange.

To activate a Star Law Symbol — to energize it — see it/draw it with a circle around it.

2. SEASON: Season of Perception: “Universal Law of Perception.”

Call Guardians: Tate’, The Wind “Opens Inner Eye.”

Lightning Clown “Promotes Multidimensional Understanding.”

Archangels Uriel & Aurora “Aligns Self to Universal TRUTH.”

3. DAY/NIGHT: Activation of your Orange Inner Star (which is within your second chakra, your

orange chakra, abdomen area, womb area. Orange symbolizes change) – Sacral Inner Star (chakra – womb area, creation)

DAY/NIGHT: Hummingbird Day (Mercury). Walela, Hummingbird is also

Grandmother of Compassion, Quan Yin: “Spiritual Law of Karma and Grace.”

Day Guardians: Inyan Oyate, Stone Nation “Invokes Cycles of Cause and Effect.”

Haden “Opens Doorways to Transcend and Transmute.”

Kahomniya Wicahpi Winyan, Whirling Rainbow Star Woman

“The Mirror of Self.” She is “The Woman of The Hills” — The Black Hills.

DAY/NIGHT: Nape To Wicohan (Altar of the Hands,Blue Hand-Archangel Michael) of the

Anpao Wicahpi Wicohan (Way of the MorningStar):

“Cosmic Unconditional Love” Symbol (Reiki) of the First Arrow of Ascension (Awakening) on this day is

RAKU – Thunder and Lightning, Remover of Difficulties, Spark of Initiation.

Call: Seven Sacred Fires: Love, Light, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Truth, Freedom.

Call: Seven Sacred Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Manna, Essence.

4. 12:12 Star Laws: Iktomi Wicahpi Wicohan, The Way of the StarSpider.

CEREMONY OF EXPECTATION: “Universal Mind of the Web.”

Manifest Realm: Sacred Council Fire, ARCTURUS.

Call Guardians: Merlin, Kingfisher.

Sanat Kumara, Melchizedek (Father of Peace)

Iktomi Tanhanya, High Spider

5: 13:13 Star Laws: Can Wakan Wicohan, The Way of the Sacred Tree (of Life), The Inner Akasha.

“ANIL – Spiritual Way of Zero & Time Creation.”

4th Dimension masculine: HonShaZeShoNen Plane of Time.

Call Guardians: Water Strider

Grandfathers (Time Lords)

Galactic Light

6. 13 Sacred Star Nations: Taurus. On Turtle Island (North America), “Taurus The Bull” is “Tatanka-Buffalo.”

7. Kimimila Hanhepi Win is the 5th Moon, 5th Dimension, 5th Gate of the 13 Gates of 13 Moons of the Tree of Life

(13 Gates, 13 Tests of your Ascension, your Awakening):

Test: “To Be as a Child in Mother’s Garden: Care for EARTH and SKY.”

May you pass your tests.

* * * * * * *

Relatives, Pray hard for Mother Earth’s blood (oil) to stay in her body.

My heart is with my Grandson Freedom Straight Arrow (Athabasca-Chipewyan-Cree

Dene’ First People Nation) (born on Greenwood, SD Sundance Tree Day)

and his family at Ft. Chipewyan, Alberta, CANADA precisely in the Tar Sands area.

Acres and acres of Grandmother Land have been ruined beyond recognition.

The oil extracting method contaminates Sacred Water … all in its path. Much cancer

among our First People Nation Relatives. I saw a picture of Freedom’s rez in 1960 and

of the same Land now. Barren. Flat. The Earth has a strange color. Tree People gone. I cried.

Join our family in utilizing these two Star Laws for the Land:

“Universal Law of Love” and “Spiritual Law of Healing.”

Thus. we are praying with the “Power of Complete Healing.”

Ga li e li ga. Sister Adele.

Ga li e li ga, Brothers and Sisters.

Love, Light, and Peace On Earth,

Wicahpi Mazaska Waste Win (Oglala Lakota Oyate)

Noquisi Adelv Unega (Tsalagi)

GrandmotherSilverStar2009from_originalGrandmother SilverStar

~ Elo-hi-no Do-no-yi Ge-se-s-di ~ May Peace Prevail On Earth ~

O sa da dv

Mitákuyé Oyasiŋ

http://www.starelders.net. Sacred Star Law Symbols, order Star Knowledge books, sacred 13-moon calendar.

http://www.starknowledgetv.com. Chief Golden Light Eagle. See The Sacred Star Law Symbols, videos.

June 14-16. Ogden, Iowa. Chief Smoke Eagle Star Knowledge Gathering. http://www.starknowledgeconferences.com.



Please share this message with all the prayer circles that you know on your address books/lists.

I have spoken with my sister, Adele, who has offered tobacco to Chief Arvol Looking Horse to pray with the White Buffalo Calf Pipe in Greengrass, SD, to stop the Transcanada XL Pipeline from being built through Indian Treaty Lands. This is a violation of our treaties which states that the US Gov’t will protect Indigenous Sacred Sites. (There are many identified Sacred Sites along the route that is between the Yankton Sioux and Rosebud reservations.)

Arvol informed Sister, Adele that he will do so on May 15, 2013 with the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, as this is the day that he will start his ceremonies to put individuals on the hill for their Hanbdecia/Vision Quests to prepare themselves to Sun Dance. Arvol also requested that people pray with the “real Medicine Men” who have Yuwipi and Pipe Altars.

There are many, many people on the lands that this pipeline is built on already that are suffering from increased diseases and toxic pollution to the land, water, animals, air and more.

There will be many Grandmothers in attendance. I am making my plans to go to Greengrass on May 15th to be a part of this prayer ceremony to pray for Mother Earth. This is our Sacred Responsibility.

I will assume that those who own their own Canupa/Sacred Pipe can also fill it and pray as well on that day. I believe that individuals, prayer groups, and families can also make tobacco ties and utilize the 11:11 Symbols to protect Mother Earth.

I will share more with you as I get updates.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Wicahpi To Wambdi Itancan

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