Méline Lafont – Welcome To Your Magical New World – 27 March 2013

MélineLafontWe have shifted big time !  That is what, in several ways, is coming in these past 3 days and nights. All sorts of messages and clear hints saying that in fact the shift is present and happening BIG time.  Since the spring equinox I have felt, seen and experienced so much that is beyond my control and my comprehension.  The only thing that I can explain will be these following  sentences, explaining  to you my messages and feelings that I have received during these days.

As the equinox was taking place, lots of energies were pouring in and through our bodies.  I have been experiencing sudden different ways of heart beatings, like first my heart would skip beats to then take a leap into a race as if an explosion would result from  it, which was fortunately not the case.  It is clear that you do not have control over this whatsoever and luckily this is the case, or we would hold on to fear too much or block our way to Ascension.

This, I experienced on March the 25th of this year after having quite an intense night.  This process of heart beating was suddenly taking place and lasted a few seconds while I felt this energy coming through my heart and lifted me up.  After that, I felt very lightheaded and not so comfortable, then I received the advice to lay down.  I received 3 short messages right after that process: LAST ASCENSION, END DUALITY and OUT OF DUALITY, REUNION.

As I went to get my kids from School, I all of a sudden felt emotional while driving and looking at the beautiful sun.  Tears were flowing and I had a feeling of happiness and relief.  I could not control those tears and I felt myself so good!

I went to bed early that night and felt myself sweating and feeling warm the entire night, I was often awake and when I finally fell asleep, I went very deep. The next day, I got a text message from my mother. She was telling me that it was “quite a night” and that something had shifted for sure.  It appeared that the outer world was transformed and shifted, and as she started to stare with her third eye she saw no solid forms anymore but only energies.  She called the day of the 25th and the night into the 26th of March a cosmic day and night, which clearly was in line with what I got as short messages on the 25th all pointing to the same direction: A cosmic shift out of duality!

This is it, my precious friends, we are on this amazing ride and true manifestations are building themselves up to become tangible for our outer world as well. Last night, again, I got a very clear vision and message telling me things are becoming clear and tangible!

In this vision I was outside and saw 2 full moons very close to each other and as I was recording it with my camera, suddenly more full moons appeared and multiplied themselves into thousands of moons and other white planets.  Some were small and far away and some were very close and big, as if you could just jump on them.

The sky was violet and the stars suddenly transformed into fairies flying around and welcoming us.  I was watching it and I so enjoyed this!  I was thinking; finally it is our reality!  My boyfriend was also present in my vision together with his father but they did not understand what the fuss was all about. Clearly a reflection of their present state of consciousness.  They could not see it nor feel the beauty.

This picture is the closest to what I have been showen, only much more moons and planets, with faries and a violet sky.

cosmic world 2

Again this vision is sharing the same message: a cosmic shift and manifestation of the new reality which was in this case my personal one I guess, the way I created it and saw it; all violet J

Again after a rather special and intense night, the sun was shining and we had a clear blue sky for 2 days in a row now.  The only clouds that were forming in the sky today were all special shapes : 2 were Angel wings and a few were cloud ships, and I even saw a dragon form and little fairies.  Am I losing my mind, or is this wishful thinking?  No it is not, it is all telling the same; welcome  to your magical new world ♥

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