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The Pleiadians – Why Do You Have to Experience Something First to Heal It? – 27 March 2013


Many of you are asking on the inner planes, why can you just not go from one point to directly being healed? For example, why do you have to feel pain first for it then to clear? We wanted to speak to this today and bring in some understanding.

There are times when grace can come in, and simply clear something, but only usually after you have felt your experience for a while.  This is when you are given a divine dispensation.  But most of the time, it is to your benefit when you experience the fullness of your experience for it is in this you find the deeper understanding.

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Dr Hamilton – Did You Know (2)… You Have BIllions Of Miles Of DNA – 27 March 2013

Uploaded on 10 October 2012 by David Hamilton Dr David Hamilton explaining that we have billions of miles of DNA throughout the 50-100 trillion cells in our bodies, enough to make several trips to the sun and back.

WakingTimes – Chris Bourne – Activating The Power Of The Higher Mind – 27 March 2013

Flickr-Spirit-Eddi-van-W1-300x218There’s much talk in spiritual circles about ‘setting our intention’; ‘envisioning the things we want’ or ‘manifesting our reality’. How easily such things slip into the psyche and collective vocabulary. What if though, we’re still being led astray by the ego, albeit a more subtle form of ego? What if instead, there is a reality that is shaping according to the natural flow of the universe? What if by aligning with that flow, you could amplify it and bring amazing harmony not just to your life, but the world around? I’m speaking of activating the Power of Higher Mind… Continue reading

StormCloudsGathering – Fire Side Chat – Geopolitics, Collapse And Global Government – Firechat – Live With James Corbett & Charlie McGrath – 27 March 2013

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John Ward – The Paedofile: Downing Street Accused Of ‘Gagging’ Victim Support Groups – 27 March 2013

John WardAll Quiet on the Rocks Lane team as more history of blatant cover-up emerges

Recently, a paedophilia victims support group was raided by police, and evidence removed. This morning, Downing Street stands accused of restricting funds to help people sexually abused as children. The plan seems to be to starve the outers of the money they need to blow the whistle on a long-standing and appalling history of cover-up at the highest levels of government. Continue reading

Pope Francis Considers Closing Scandal-Riven Bank – 27 March 2013

VaticanThe Times : POPE Francis is to consider abolishing the Vatican Bank – which has been beset by a scandal over allegations of money-laundering – in a drive for greater transparency at the heart of the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, who has been tipped as a possible secretary of state, or “Vatican prime minister”, said Francis would weigh up appeals made by two cardinals on the eve of his election for the bank – formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) – to be scrapped.

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