Sophia Love – No Fear – 27 March 2013

no fearIn order for your dreams to occur – your dreams must become a singular focus.  This life has existed within polarity for so very long, the navigation of thought out of that focus will require some decided effort.  Consistency is the call.  Belief and intent are the process.  As a people we are moving out of polarity and into unity.

This process seemingly divides our thinking, yet what is occurring is a “culling”.  Unity does not mean we will all look, dress and act the same.  Unity is a realization of our Godhood; an acceptance and utilization of the One Thought from which we spring; an understanding of the power we hold as a collective.  It is Unity as opposed to Division.

We are stepping out of a consciousness that accepts and operates with “more”, “better than”,  and “deserving” and into equality.  We not only agree that we should all have running water and health care, but we will accept nothing else.  We not only understand that war is a self destructive policy, but we will refuse to participate.  We will come up with alternative, collaborative solutions.

Our entire existence has been operating as if the truth was “us” against “them” and “right” as opposed to “wrong”.  No longer.  We are moving into us. 

As we progress, the changes felt in this physical plane will be experienced physically.  We will become more aware of and sensitive to fluctuations in energy.  We will honor, respond to and speak of “something in the air”.  We will discontinue the separation of our body’s reactions from what is occurring in our minds and hearts.  Oneness is happening on a global and microscopic scale, simultaneously.

The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) Movement was perhaps the initially blatant example of worldwide unification and it won’t be the last.  As bank executives from numerous countries resign on a daily basis, we can feel the shift.

We are doing this, and the preponderance of hope and belief in our own ability, is the fuel beneath the flame. We are realizing our own power.

There is no reason to fear what may appear threatening or foreign.  We are in control and our path to a unified, mutually beneficial future is assured.  The ball is rolling, it is picking up speed, and we are on our way.

Announcements of disruptions and change in leadership and method are par for this course we’ve chosen.  Panic and fear will not serve us.  What will assist this transition will be an open heart and an acceptance of different.  We are together stepping into a new consciousness.  We are creating a new world.  Doing so with love in our hearts will quickly propel us into the life we’ve only dreamed was possible.

If we understand that change is on the horizon, we can more comfortably appreciate the view.  Things may not appear the same around us, yet within us we have not lost anythingWe are love.

We are divine masters and we have chosen and were chosen to be here to facilitate this shift.  We are only now beginning to realize our individual and collective power.

Focus and unyielding attention to the end result are our tools.  See the world you desire, and retain that view as the backdrop to all of your activities.  You are love and the greatness of your truth peeks out when you are sure of yourself, loving, generous, kind and expansive.

Negative propaganda and temporary conditions of hardship are no longer effective on one such as you.  You are beyond manipulation.  Your light has illuminated the path we are on.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.


(This video is a reading of the final document released yesterday by “I”.  It is pronounced “One” in the reading.  Later in the day, Heather pronounced it as “I”.  Unsure which term was meant by the logo, “One” was selected for this reading.  It does not seem to diminish the power of the filing, yet it was intended to be read as “I”.  Much love and light to each eternal essence embodied reading this!)

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