The Pleiadians – Why Do You Have to Experience Something First to Heal It? – 27 March 2013


Many of you are asking on the inner planes, why can you just not go from one point to directly being healed? For example, why do you have to feel pain first for it then to clear? We wanted to speak to this today and bring in some understanding.

There are times when grace can come in, and simply clear something, but only usually after you have felt your experience for a while.  This is when you are given a divine dispensation.  But most of the time, it is to your benefit when you experience the fullness of your experience for it is in this you find the deeper understanding.

As you experience pain or suffering of any kind, you are at times simply receiving back energy that has occurred either in this lifetime or another.  No one is sending it to you.  You are just being reflected back some experience whether it be from hundreds of years ago or now.  This is simply the law of creation. This is not a punishment.  Why, we hear the channel ask, is the law of creation formed this way? We will get to that.  Other reasons for experiencing the pain before it releases  is so that you may dance on this planet understanding all that is.  Spirit is all, you are all, and your soul enjoys embracing all experiences.  It is interesting to you.  It is your human mind that does not enjoy it, but that it because it  puts a judgment on it.  Release the judgment and there is only experiences.

Now to answer the question of why is the Universe formed in a way where all loops around as reflection.  Well, many of you have heard it before and we say it again and again because each time you read it in a different context, it sinks in differently: you are all, you are one with all you have ever created.  In order to feel the wholeness of all that you are, all must flow back to you to rest within the love and acceptance of your heart, which then completes you.  As you accept and love all into the heart, through the experiencing of it, you experience the totality of your being, your wholeness.

We now wish to bring in more coding for you to experience the full releasing of any pain that is ready to purify.  We do this through the written word, but as you read these words, you connect to the consciousness that they are sourced from.  This merely activates the receptors in your cells that can receive the information, the download so to speak.  So here we go, sending the light codes in now that bring in the pure shimmering white light with hues of gold.  Violet is not always necessary.  When it comes to grace and ease, we highly suggest using on yourself the white light with the gold shimmery quality in it. Stark white emanates from shock and fear, so there is a difference when healing with colors between the two.

Now breathe deep into the heart.  We even guide you to place the hands on the heart right over left now, and intend to allow the lighter frequency to transmute your older creations that have merely been summoned to you to accept and melt into the heart.  Ah yes, we can feel many of you now as you read this dissolving and releasing old pain. We specifically bring this in today because as your full moon impulses the release, this will assist you greatly.  So breathe again into the heart now, and receive the energies that help you surrender to unconditional love of all, for in this it melts the pain you have been experiencing.

Pay attention to today after reading this to who shows up.  Is it someone else who reflects pain to you? They wish now for you to be the transmitter of these codes so they too may feel whole.  Know this: every time someone comes, even if on the attack, that perhaps you have recently cleared something that they need to clear (and when we say recent, this could mean 10 years your time!).  You see it is not always just people reflecting something that you need to clear in this now moment. Sometimes it is reflections of something you have cleared already, because you have the compassion to relate to it.  Do not go on the attack when others experience something by saying, “see, if you have someone show up angry, then it is you!”.  It does not always work that way.  You may be just powerful and in your sovereignty enough to shatter this person’s old program.  That is also at times why people show up in your reflection.  When we speak of power, we of course always speak in the power of how aligned you are vertically with your higher self. This is true power.  All else has been distorted by the human (and some other star lineages too) interpretation.  Embrace your personal power as pain shows up in any form as the reflection.  Let it merge with the heart as you rise and become all that you are, whole with unconditional love. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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