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Bill Brockbrader – Sentencing Today – 28 March 2013

PictureToday in a Federal Courtroom in Idaho, America stands on the brink of freedom. A judge has to decided between going along with the program or standing up and acknowledging the American Judicial System outlined in the Constitution written by the Founding Fathers does not exist.
At the end of this post are links providing documentation of this rather preposterous claim. Continue reading


Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Ascension – 28 March 2013

djwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Tashi delek is a very warm Tibetan greeting. It’s greeting your Highest Self from my Highest Self and today’s topic is Ascension.

This is a time when the Christed Light, which has nothing to do with Christianity by the way, it is a vibratory light that comes to this planet as a white energy and the Cosmic Christed is a gold color. Now that gold cosmic light is being anchored here, so it’s a frequency or vibration, nothing to do with religion, and is available to everyone for healing or whatever you want to do with it. Continue reading

Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel April 2013 – Setting A Clear Intention – 28 March 2013

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst.  We come to you from the Seventh Ray of Transformation, Manifestation and the Violet Flame, and we work with many other Higher Beings of Light to assist you in the manifestation process.
Setting a clear intention is a very powerful part of the manifestation process.  The new energy is very powerful, and manifestation can be rapid when intentions, goals, thoughts and actions are in alignment.  When these aspects are aligned, they work together like a well-oiled machine. Continue reading

Foxnews – Maxim Lott -Colorado Sheriff Says Lawmakers Holding Up Pay Raises Over Gun Stance – 28 March 2013

maketaEl Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa says lawmakers are punishing him and his colleagues over their stance on new gun laws. (El Paso County Sheriff’s Office)(Article from 26th March 2013) One of dozens of Colorado sheriffs who oppose several gun control bills working their way through the state legislature claims lawmakers are threatening the salaries of sheriffs to punish them for their position. Continue reading

EneNews – Officials: ‘Code 2’ Alert At Giant Sinkhole – “Elevated Subsurface Activity” – Access Ramp Has Fallen In – 28 March 2013

enelogoTitle: 12:15 p.m. Advisory from the Office of Conservation Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury Date: Mar 28, 2013

The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that the Oxy 3/sinkhole monitoring alert status has been raised to Code 2 – requiring all work directly in and over the sinkhole to cease until further notice. Seismic monitoring has detected elevated subsurface activity in the area around the sinkhole and Oxy 3 area indicative of fluid and gas movement below the sinkhole, and a further slough-in was observed along the southeastern side of the sinkhole this morning, with the access ramp from the Oxy 3 well pad to the sinkhole having sloughed in, along with several trees on either side of the ramp. The seismic activity is limited to the Oxy 3/sinkhole area, showing no indication of impact to the Oxy 1 area. Monitoring is constantly ongoing in the area and Conservation will continue to advise the public of significant changes in subsurface conditions

www.enenews.com / link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – You Are Pre-Loaded With The Tools Of Light For Aprils Onslaught Of Energy! – 28 March 2013

Light-Equipment-ToolsI find this very very interesting that 5 days out from the energies of April and spirit has the hatch tightened even more than the days before!  However, what the Light of your soul does want you to know is that you are ready!!  Even if you don’t feel like you are… YOU ARE.  Each person seems to have their very own, unique Light field of geez, hard to really say what it all is in words.  I think the only word I can call it is “tools,” everyone has the tool set of working and enjoying the flood of energy that we are gearing up for in this 2nd quarter of 2013. Continue reading

John Ward – Cyprus & The Mobsters: Why The Descent Into Global Panic Is Now Almost Unavoidable – 28 March 2013

torpedoThe Slog plots the course of a deadly global chain reaction

How the rape of Cyprus will torpedo the banking system

I’ve been moving money around over the last few days. I still am, and I don’t know many people in my immediate circle who aren’t. We all seem to have the same aim: to be in the safest place with the safest currency. And the catalyst for all of us busily doing this is specifically, the Cyprus bank heist involving depositor confiscation; and leading on from that, the growing evidence that the political and financial Establishments globally have every intention of applying such glorified State theft in the future. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Some Quick Reminders – 28 March 2013

laura bruno1. The sham of the two-party political system isn’t conspiracy theory. The Bankers Manifesto of 1892 is an actual document and a brilliantly devious piece of work that still largely determines American (and by military extension, World) policy.

2. You have within you the capability to transcend whatever limitations you currently feel as restrictions. The fact that situations feel too tight and too oppressive is a sign that you have already outgrown them in their current form. New sizes, styles and solutions exist. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 28 March 2013

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SD – Canada Includes Depositor Haircut Bail-In Provision For Systemically Important Banks In 2013 Budget! – 28 March 2013


Just as DieselBOOM accidentally admitted Monday, it appears that the Cypriot bail-in is anything but a one-off event, and is in fact the new collapse template for the entire Western banking system, and not just the ECB/ Eurozone!

SD has been alerted to an alarming provision that has been buried deep inside the official 2013 Canadian Budget that will result in depositor haircut bail-ins jumping to this side of the pond during the next bank crisis! Continue reading