Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Life Is Like Your Bank Statement – 28 March 2013

gods20handGod said:

It may seem to you as if your life – everyone’s life – is a roll of the dice. In some ways, it certainly seems so. At the same time, your very own thoughts are motivators of your life. The beautiful and the tragic may both seem as though they dropped from the sky, and, truly, miracles do happen. By and large, the tenor of your thoughts brings much of what may seem to you to be tricks of fate.

Sometimes, life is like your bank statement. Your bank statement may amaze or startle you. You wonder how you got such a great balance, or you wonder what happened to all you had. Most of the time you weren’t keeping track. It usually turns out that you forgot a transaction or two you made.

Now, this isn’t to say that you necessarily desired a certain event to happen. You certainly may not have. Who would deliberately desire a serious accident to happen? Who would desire to have their sincere wishes not come true? No one would. And, yet, when you sit on one end of a see-saw, the other end goes up. It is not that you caused an accident, let’s say, yet you played a part.

There is the expression that you were in the right place at the wrong time, or you were in the wrong place at the right time, or you were at the right place at the right time and so on.

I have said there are no coincidences, so we can say there are no accidents. Like it or not, you are somewhere, and not everywhere is to your liking. It is unlikely that you are a dropped-stitch, beloveds, or that you are a bolt out of the blue. Who can say that a cyclone that picked you up and landed you in a tree a mile away was a reprisal to you for one thing or another or a blessing given to you? Who can trace it? More importantly, why should anyone? Why should you?

All you know is that you landed in a certain tree, and you can take it as good fortune or bad fortune. You can take it as anything you want. In any case – in every case – how you take it and how you go on from there has a say in what follows. You have all the say! Do you see this?

Credit is not a feather in your cap nor is blame a black mark. We can say that life has you in its spell. We can better say that you are caught up in life. You go in many directions all at once. What may seem like chance may not be so at all. Yet what is the point in trying to figure it all out? Why try to accrue credit or blame? Better just to live life.

If you are in a pickle, you want to get to another place. And if you are in the midst of an outright blessing, hey, enjoy it. What does it matter how or why something happened? Something that happened took you by surprise, or you anticipated something that happened. All the rest is history, as is said.

Come back on stage, beloveds. Start from now. Climb the next rung up the ladder. In every case, life moves on. Life does not always follow your prescription. What can be said with certainty is that you are living your life, and you live it as best you can, and you are gaining in love and wisdom. You can be glad for that.

Be glad for something. Be glad that you have life. Be glad. / link to original article


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