Lisa Gawlas – You Are Pre-Loaded With The Tools Of Light For Aprils Onslaught Of Energy! – 28 March 2013

Light-Equipment-ToolsI find this very very interesting that 5 days out from the energies of April and spirit has the hatch tightened even more than the days before!  However, what the Light of your soul does want you to know is that you are ready!!  Even if you don’t feel like you are… YOU ARE.  Each person seems to have their very own, unique Light field of geez, hard to really say what it all is in words.  I think the only word I can call it is “tools,” everyone has the tool set of working and enjoying the flood of energy that we are gearing up for in this 2nd quarter of 2013.

The first gentleman on the field has this amazing ball of yellow light beneath this feet.  It kinda reminded me a really large hamster ball and he was standing/balancing on it waiting to move into April.  Talk about having the sun (energy) beneath your feet!!  But I realized I missed a detail yesterday.  I knew and understood that this was not only his ability to roll into whatever his heart desires, the magnetic field of the sun working the energy of the earth to pull his heart desires to him… but there is also this feeling of taking a rest and being inside of this ball of energy.  To enter the center of the sun to both power up and exchange needed codes and codecs for the advancement of his journey.

I had another lady, man I so loved her visual and the power that came from it.  She had these liquidy guns that were just above her hips, one on each side.  They reminded me of machine guns, only made of water energy and the range was from clear thru to deep blue.  Each gun was firing bullets into the field of April (tho I couldn’t see past the block still in place to the field of April, I knew where they were heading.

Her guns were made of pure emotion (hence, watery) and are already clearing her way forward with rapid fire.  They are also the tools of her creation and the theme for every person of the day, learn how to use these tools consciously.  Learning to temper them when needed and accelerate the energy when needed.

I had one lady who had a skate board under her feet.  I could see the energy of the earth making up her body and her task is using the intense yellow of her skate board as her thick white wheels of the skateboard hugged the earth and the magnetic field would take her where her heart desires to go.

Another theme for all of us to learn from thru yesterdays readings, feel the flow of energy that moves thru you.  The earth desires will rise up thru your feet/legs and combining with the illumination of sun energy, will guide you forward to the many “sign posts” located in April for you to discover/remember.

These sign posts were an interesting addition.  I could not see what any sign post represented, but I heard spirit say this to several people thru the day.  From what I understand, we have already created many experiences that are waiting for us in April by virtue of the work we had done in this first quarter.  Our goal is to feel where they are at and move into them.  I suppose we can change the word sign posts into street signs, when you get to your “street” turn there… go into the experience.  You will feel the energy rising with excitement within you… TRUST IT and move!!

I had one gentleman who was standing on the threshold of April, he was wrapped in 4 tubes of yellow energy that formed a funnel shape as each tube went up his body.  When I see closed circles of anything, they are always denoting a cycle of completion, he finished 4 cycles all at once.  Even that, 4 is a cycle of completion on earth (experience) as well… talk about so many endings at once.  Just as I realized he was at a huge ending in his life cycle, a set of silver keys emerged in my awareness, two silver keys on a simple single silver key ring… keys to his next adventure, his new experiences and advancement in his life.  His team also said the keys must be used together, there are two, but must be used at the same time.

He then told me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend last week, he has been house sitting which ends April 1st and he has nowhere to go once that is over.  Yup… talking about endings.  But I was frustrated because it seemed the more I tried to push my way into the first week of April for him, the more I was blocked from feeling anything more about his new adventures.  And then he mentioned about going for a job that also had an apartment not to far from his job… there is no doubt in my heart those two keys are that!!  One opens to the other.

I also seen one lady with three lightning bolts coming from the sky going down into her head, repeatedly.  In front of her was an emerging field I recognized as the earth energy and she was in the midst of being “powered up” to walk straight into that energy.  Until that energy in front of her is fully energized thru her, it is impossible for me to read it.  But it also helps me and hopefully all of us, realize we must bring the energy of Light into our whole life, thru us.  If we just keep waiting for something to happen… we are going to be waiting a long time.  Co-creating starts with you (us.)

After seeing everyone’s tool sets, their energy matrix of what will move them forward and amplify their field of Life/Light… I had to wonder about my own.  By the time I finished all 6 readings, my head was hurting.  The energy field is getting soooo strong that by the third one I was getting dizzy, loopy even.  I knew there was no way of taking a meditation for myself, so I sat and just asked… whats my tool set that I need to use.  I could see that portal of light that was shown to me and my client of the day with the big red X over it, only now, there was no X, instead there were two hands that were black and gel like on each side of the portal as if widening it.  I knew they were my hands, what I still don’t know is… what the hell does that mean!!

The one thing I have learned about the universal teachers all around us, within us, they LOVE O.J.T. (on the job training.)  In all my years of advancing what I can do, I never “pre-learned” any of it.  It was always in the experience of doing what I knew how to do, that it expanded into more.  There is no doubt in my heart, April is going to be just like that for everyone of us!!

Ohhhh, there is something I have wanted to share, but kept forgetting (hazard of consistently waking up so late.)  In my meditation I did the other day, I got to see a little part of April.  April was held back from my view as if in a huge cement pool, but, spirit did allow me to see just above the cement walls of April.  Two things were very clear, a tremendous amount of shambhala flower heads and oddly in between these flower heads were sickles, very much like the grim reaper carries.  All I could feel is how strange you would have something so beautiful intertwined with something that (to me the human) looked so devastating!

My team helped me to understand what was shown.  By virtue of the vacuum force of the “black hole” many many people have landed in (what we will call) the new energy/new world that have not fully released some of the main things they needed to release in getting to here.  April is about growing and blossoming on all levels, which means equally, cutting away the things that would hinder the growth of the Whole.

The death cycle and the birth cycle are synonymous with each other.

I also thought about the constant image I see that my team calls the matrix reloaded.  Two worlds, looking very much like long tubes of energy bound together at the outermost tubing.  The top tube is a beautiful translucent blue the bottom one, dense, heavy and black.  What I started to understand yesterday, is the blue tube is very much like our lives within meditation… nothing is impossible there.  No restrictions, an energy world of constant change and possibilities.  The other… well, mundane life with all its restrictions and limitations.

To know how to work all the energetic tools you now have at your disposal, is to equally know the amazing world and freedom of meditation.  The two are merging into One, if that is your choice.

Choose wisely!!

Big big exciting ((((HUGZ)))) to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

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