Kauilapele – Reminder To Those With Questions About The Courtesy Notice – 29 March 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2Several of you have either emailed or called with specific questions about the Courtesy Notices, and how to use them. Currently, I’m not in a position to answer those questions at this time. I have only filed one of these. To see what I did, go to this post:

Courtesy Notice Document that I Filled Out and Sent on 2-21-13

If you have specific questions about the Courtesy Notices, email this address…


And here are links to other posts at this blog about the Courtesy Notices.

Courtesy Notice Documents, plus “How to Fill Them Out and Send Them” MP3(s) by Ken Bartle, Scott Bartle, and Chris Hale

OPPT-IN Radio Show 2-25-13… “Courtesy Notices Discussion”… MP3s

OPPT-IN Radio Show 3-4-13… “Courtesy Notices… The Newer Versions and Discussion(s) Thereof”… MP3s (and Ginger’s notes)

OPPT Courtesy Notice Update V06p00… Complete Kit with Guidelines Audio… MP3

www.kauilapele.wordpress.com / link to original article

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