Lisa Gawlas – Activating Your Tool Sets Before We Enter The Surprise Party Of April! – 29 March 2013

surprise-party2Boy, doing readings these last few days is like going to happy hour first thing in the morning, alcoholism included.  No wonder I pass out early and wake up late, I am plastered by then!!  (giggle)  There is an obvious elixir of March and April energies enhancing the tool set I am still seeing.  But man, to be this close to April and still have a cement pool wrapped around it… All I keep feeling is we have created our outfits, been given the coordinates and April opens up to the greatest surprise party earth has seen in a long time!!

I did manage to do my own meditation yesterday in between my last two clients of the day.  I have been staring at the crazy portal opening consistently in my kitchen for days now and yet, other than go thru it and read, I couldn’t do anything else with it from this (not in meditation) vantage point.  I am sharing this, because your tools need to be activated and used, especially if there has been any form of black in your readings, or things you have noticed about your self/life but do not fully understand from the outside in.

The moment I got into meditation, that portal was staring me in the face, even my black gel like hands were in the same position.  So, I took my hands and placed them onto the hands in front of me (etherically speaking of course) and holy cow batman!  The rapid acceleration of energy back into my body just floored me!  I realized this portal became very milky white in color and so I simply spread it apart and slid thru it.  Crazy, I came out to the back yard itself and my next client of the day was already there waiting at the threshold of April.

I was walking around looking at the details of her Light field as if I was right there interacting with them… well, I was right there interacting with them, with her, because the next thing I knew I scooped out a handful of this thick white portal energy and smeared it all over her face.  The moment I was finished, it was if she knew exactly what to do as well… she lifted her face up towards the sun, the sun streamed down on her as if it was a spot light and created what looked like tiny little citrine crystals all over her face.  She sparkled with the sunlight!

My team kept telling me I need to practice participating in the field like I have just done, but not from my bathtub and not before we hit April.  Alrighty then!!

When it was finally time to connect to my lovely lady in Australia, I couldn’t see a damn thing!  Geez Louise, did I blow something out taking a bath??  All I kept feeling was something was done with her in the bath, with that gooey white stuff smeared on her face from the portal opening and no one would tell us what!!  Dammit!!  I rescheduled her into Sunday… and we better see what the heck that was all about!!

I share all that, because I KNOW these tools we have available are designed to take us beyond what we are capable of doing now.  Every one of you has a very important, very unique tool or tools available to you, you need to take time to understand what they are, how you work with them… because I really started to feel this yesterday and this morning, it is blaring in my ears… our tools must be used together, eventually, to create the larger experience of Heaven on earth.

I am also feeling so deeply that opening your eyes to the greater reality in your day to day moments is going to be more important than ever.  Spiritually “seeing” is not as hard as some make it out to be, unless you have convinced yourself that you cannot see, then, you have sealed your own eyes to what you can do.

However, like everything in this spiritual world, it takes dedication and practice, practice, practice to perfect and expand to the next level.  There is a simple exercise you can do to strengthen your spiritual sight.  Close your eyes and imagine there is an apple in front of you.  Feel the apple, feel the stem of the apple, maybe even take a bit of the apple.  You have the natural ability to sense something before you ever see it… use that!!  When you can feel that apple in front of you (even if you cannot see it yet) open your eyes and sense it still be there, even imagine taking another bite.  Then close your eyes again and feel the apple in yur mouth, look with your inner eye to the apple still in front of you, feel the redness of the apple.  Feel the solid texture of the apple… before you know it, you will not only sense the apple, but see it as well.  Just don’t expect to “see” like you are watching a DVD player, rarely is spiritual sight that vivid… sometimes it is, but especially for me… it is more like seeing something in the dark night that lightens up and becomes clearer the more it is looked at and worked with (within meditation.)

I have mentioned this before, but want to mention it again… if you need any help with meditation, I have a good friend who is an extraordinary mediator and has put up classes for those desiring to take their skills (from beginner to advanced) further in the realm of meditation.  Her website is almost finished, but while she is creating her grand adventure, I have her a place on my site until her home is completed.  Click here to find out more: One Soul.

Well, my loves, I woke up late… again!!  So I am keeping this short but sweet.  Enjoy working the tools of Light you have available to you!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of radiant adventures and suprise parties to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    P.S. Just a reminder that a small rate increase on all readings and packages goes into affect April 1st.

P.S.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world! / link to original article

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