Méline Lafont – Magatha From Agartha – We Had To Implement A Much Needed Change/ Process Which Will Result In Enormous Changes On Your World And In Your Reality – 29 March 2013

MélineLafontGreetings beloved brethren of Earth. The time has come to again provide a short update concerning the current state of affairs pertaining to the Inner Earth as well as to the Earth. I welcome all of you with an open heart full of love and gratitude.

At present there is a profound manifestation about to happen. A few shifts are taking place on your Earth and in your reality introducing the fall of the old structures and simultaneously ushering in the actual renewal. What might not be readily known or perhaps only known by certain beloved sources is that even in the inner Earth many changes are occuring.

We had to implement a much needed change/process which will result in enormous changes on your world and in your reality. Many hearts will be able to welcome us in their world and will truly see us. A lot of work went into that project, which we agreed to honor in cooperation with the star civilizations as well as with all of you.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that only the awakened and activated hearts will actually experience our entrance into their reality because one has to vibrate and exist on the exact same frequency as ours for this to occur. This frequency is the heart frequency and the state of Being and is naturally the foundation for the new reality and the new world. It is there that we can be found and since a whole new reality is about to manifest within yourselves, you are more than ready for this.

Be aware that it is different from person to person and is always requiring a real process. This is one of the concepts on which we have worked hard and still continue to do so because we truly want everyone of our Earth brethren to succeed and to Ascend into their own world of Being.

The still dormant souls who dwell in a lower frequency will not yet be able to see or feel us, but even that is about to be rectified. We so look forward to let the real contacts become factual with the first awakened ones amongst you. Whatever appears as an image or an energy, or a phenomenon will always require some kind of adjustment or accustomance on your part but the recognition will be genuine for many. We have started!

Another important point we wish to highlight is that presently we are working on a project which will disengage a lot in the hearts of the people. We are going to bring a few projects to the front wich will assist many souls with their process of building their new world on beloved Gaia. We possess the required technology and dito knowledge to assist in the building, as for us this belongs to our past which returns now, albeit in other and better circumstances. Like no other we know where the traps are situated and we can offer our expertise to all of you. Many souls amongst you once belonged to our very same civilization in the times of Atlantis and are now back in incarnation to work together with all of us to enable this Ascension to succeed globally.

Tunnels have been prepared and cleared to enable all those willing to join us in our inner cities. Numerous cities of the Light are also being prepared for you to use according to the creations through your inner self as you create your own city and world. All this becomes available unites together into 1 global and collective world. Only one timeline is shaped and that timeline is called the ‘NOW’.

Due to the fact that the collective has to be ready for this, many shifts and changes are now taking place so that everyone gets the opportunity to evolve further in this new world. Those of you who have already attained a state that enables them to perfectly evolve further and to soar in the new frequencies and dito state of Being, will connect with us more quickly than compared to those who still cling to the old world. It all depends on yourself of course. Anyway, our worlds and our cities come together and form what will be called the new Earthly paradise. This is inevitable after what has shifted on Earth since the alignment on December 21st. 2012 and especially this spring equinox has given rise to a profound manifestation and shift of the human collective.

Everything has now to be played out and your cooperation will be decisive whether this will swiftly come to pass in YOUR reality or not. We, the Agarthans, are overjoyed to be the bearers of such great news for you in your reality. Remain centered and grounded at all times so that our energies can work together and merge into one.

I Am Magatha and I speak on behalf of the Agarthan civilization. I express my gratitude for your focus and your attending presence. In Love and Light.

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