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The Last Of The Boers – 29 March 2013

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Bill Ballard – Observing The Shift – The Perfection Of Each And ALL Of US As ONE Being – 29 March 2013

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AscensionPioneers – The Awakening: What Is The New? – 29 March 2013

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Shanta Gabriel – Messages From Archangel Gabriel – Radical Transformation Is Upon Us – 29 March 2013

shanta-gabriel-teacher-guideDear Ones,

The Heavenly Realms are showing their support through this Equinox-Full Moon time of Awakening. Many people have noticed the Angelic forms in rainbows, clouds and especially the recent formations of the Aurora Borealis. Divine Light is getting stronger, and Spiritual Presence is making itself known to reassure you that you are definitely not alone. These formations of Light act as open doorways to new awakening consciousness. The Angels are reminding you that they are here during these times of great power, grief, transition, and the present radical transformation that is in process. Continue reading

Press Release : ” Sirius” Documentary – 29 March 2013

WordPress-Banner6Controversial UFO “Sirius” Documentary

to be released theatrically April 24

Directed by Emmy Award winning Amardeep Kaleka,

the groundbreaking film is inspired by the work

Steven-Greer-CSETI-030-150x150of Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project

and is narrated by actor Thomas Jane

“Sirius” from Emmy Award winning director Amardeep Kaleka (“Neverending Light”), producer J.D Seraphine and narrated by actor Thomas Jane (“Hung”) will have a gala celebrity premiere on April 22 in Hollywood followed by a limited national theatrical release on April 24. Continue reading

Judith Dagley – A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality – 29 March 2013

judithdagley3/27/13 Full Libra Moon

When we are intent on moving into our full potential, it is useful to use all of the support that appears to us sychronistically, as well as the support that we create for ourselves. Doing so keeps us focused on what we are unfolding into, rather than on what we are unfolding out of. Continue reading

Sophia Love – We Can Fly – 29 March 2013

PictureWe are swimming in a sea of possibility.  Whatever we desire is right here.  All that’s missing is focus.

This is all created by us.  Thoughts attract more and more of whatever they look or feel like.  We know this.  We’ve heard it before. Yet we persist in accepting what life “deals” to us.  Why? Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance – The Landing Party – Part 3 – 29 March 2013

Telepathy copyMYTRE SPEAKS:

Besides our preparations for landing, the Mothership and the smaller Ships closer to Earth are preparing for more visitors. Many of you will be among these visitors either in your night-body, your human form or as your true galactic self.  Some of you will join us in your Higher Expressions of SELF, and your physical expression may not remember these meetings. Continue reading

Dolores Cannon – Changes Needed For The New Frequencies – 29 March 2013

laura brunoThe only thing I would add to Dolores Cannon’s account is that some people, myself included, are actually finding a need to eat a little bit denser foods in order to remain grounded right now. I had been 100% raw vegan and then high raw for many years and vegan for 8.5 years. In early 2011, my body –and I heard this from a lot of longtime raw vegans right around the same time –suddenly started demanding some cooked vegan foods and even the addition of some organic raw dairy. I struggled with the ethics of that and tried every imaginable way around it, but adding that in brought instant relief on a variety of levels. We are all at individual frequencies, which change and make micro-adjustments as our outer world continues to shift. The important thing is to pay attention to how you feel and to notice any patterns. Continue reading

LOUIS Laurent MP Invites Belgians To Immediately Withdraw Their Savings From The Banks! [In French] – 29 March 2013

Uploaded on 28 March 2013 by  Laurent Louis Given the situation in Cyprus where the savings accounts of citizens were illegally taxed at 30%, Laurent LOUIS asks the Belgian Prime Minister Di Rupo to commit to never touch the savings of the Belgian People.But The Prime Minister was just laughing and make fun of MP LOUIS. A mockery to better hide his sinister plans? In any case, Laurent LOUIS invite Belgians to immediately withdraw their money from banks and asks the Belgian government to get out of the Euro and Europe which has became a criminal organization !