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I was reading a blog earlier and it was talking about the coming financial collapse and in the same breath they were discussing the two billion rounds of Hollow Point ammunition the DHS has purchased. I sat there a moment and thought about it and began to wonder what is happening to people all over the world who are living under this pressure cooker of waiting for the world to implode.

It is just horrific that people must sit and sweat and wait for God knows what is going to happen. In the very near future is everyone going to want to jump ship and get the heck out of dodge? So many people must be suffering from PTSD as in PRE traumatic stress syndrome. So often we talk about people in terms of being awake or not, holding the light or not, but we are over looking the horrific fact that millions of people are probably struggling to get through each day in a PTSD haze. The sad part of this is many people don’t even realize it, but just the fact that people carry the awareness of what could be  fixing to unfold around in the back of their minds, I would imagine that weighs heavily upon the nervous system.

I know, I can hear all the spiritual folks out there screaming about no fear, stay in the light, stay in your heart, only think good things. All of that is true and we continue to practice it everyday and many of us are pretty content and going with the flow, and we are the lucky ones. Imagine the souls still buried in 3D and dealing with it, but with that said, I know that little ticking time bomb is nestled deeply within most people whether we honestly can acknowledge it or not. My question is ‘what it is it doing to people?’ I mean let’s be honest here. The financial systems of the world are going to collapse soon simply because of the hard cold fact that we have run out of money because of excessive over spending and thievery and corruption. There is no way we are going to dodge this bullet!

Now I am the first person who will say do not dwell in fear and we must not, but I have never been one to dismiss facts and ignore the obvious either. I take everything in, consider it and then release it, but if I am totally honest with myself, I know that ticking time bomb is lodged somewhere within. So again I ask, what is this doing to everybody? I think the best way to deal with it is to be honest and acknowledge it is there to begin with. Even the most hard-core spiritualists must wonder occasionally what will occur when the financial implosion happens and the sleepers of the world begin to freak out. What will happen when most people have no money to buy food to feed their children or buy the medicine they need or heat their homes. If you are living in reality then you know this scenario is not far off.

So how can we all help to dismantle the ticking time bomb and avoid PTSD? By being honest right from the get go. We are the ones that will be called upon to hold the world together as it is coming unraveled so we best be strong ourselves. I live in the light, I know everything is as it should be, I know in the end everything will be alright, I concentrate on seeing the new world before me, but I also know that rough times are ahead. This country has been so brainwashed and distracted that when the collapse occurs, people will not be well equipped to handle the situation and all hell will break loose. I honestly know that seed of questioning lays buried deep within me somewhere, it is unavoidable. Being able to be honest with others quells that smoldering questioning. I write this at a great risk of back lash from the spiritual community I know, but to them I ask are you being honest with yourselves as well?

I do not dwell on these feelings that is for sure. I choose to keep constructing the new world and being love and light for all those that need it, but I think we would best serve each other if we allowed these realities to be considered from time to time so we didn’t have to carry their weight alone in silence. We seem to have made it a taboo subject to even think about the realities of what are taking place and I think we may be making a grave mistake by doing this. There is room inside all of us for both being the light and sharing the love and at least acknowledging the realities of what is taking place. Not dwelling there, but at least allowing ourselves to be honest about it so we can face everything together as one, talk about it occasionally and then release it. To bear this burden alone in silence is not healthy for anyone, and we want to be as healthy and strong as we can be for when we are needed!

Blessings to us all,

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