Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Cause And Effect Are Not So – 30 March 2013

gods20handGod said:

Do you have to suffer? Because there is a storm, must you tremble? What is this so-called suffering but a label? Call it suffering, loss, pain, fear and call it no more. It is you who comes to the conclusion that your lot is to suffer. In life, the world and you have tied a lot of things together. You made decisions. You link two or more occurrences together. Oh, yes, you link cause and effect.

Because one thing is so, you have drawn a conclusion that another thing must also tag along with it and be so. Your mind says: “This or that happened. Therefore, I have to linger over the thought of it and call this suffering or anguish or tragedy.” Why must you? Because the world has been doing it ever since you remember or have heard of? Does that make sense to you?

You can look at life in two ways: 1. Here today, gone tomorrow. 2. Life is eternal, and never stops.

The first way you see evidence with your own eyes. It is fact. “Annie doesn’t live here any more.” It is physical fact, that is. Nevertheless, physical fact belies the Truth. On one hand, there is fact. On the other hand, there is Truth. Truth and fact often are far apart.

No matter how much you are attached to what your eyes can see and what you can touch, one reason why, for instance, you find death, so unbelievable, is because you do know better. When a loved one merges with Me, every mourner is stunned. “It can’t be. My loved one couldn’t have left me. It’s not possible. They would not do that.”

You have a taste of the Truth. Your loved one would not leave. Beloveds, your loved one has not left you. Your loved ones are still with you. They are beside you. Their bodies have taken a journey. Their hearts, their souls have never left you. They are right here with Me, and I am right with you, and they are too.

You have lost their hand to hold. And you have further thought: “I cannot live without them. I cannot possibly live without them.” Even as you think this, even as you gulp back tears, you know this isn’t true. It feels true, yet it is far from a fact. The fact is you will continue to live. The fact is that you will keep on living. The fact is that when your loved ones still had the covering of their bodies, you did not think of them and only them every minute. You had other thoughts as well. It will be the same again. Have thoughts like blessings. Bless yourself with new thoughts.

You will eat and you will think. You will enjoy the sun once again. You will look up at the sky, and you will laugh and you will smile again. How happy your loved ones will be.

Let your life from now on then be a testament to their love. They loved you. Continue loving your life for them. If your loved ones meant something to you when they were alive in their bodies, serve your life and serve your loved ones who have gone onto another plane of life. They moved to another house. That’s all. They moved to another mansion in their Father’s house, one day where you will also follow.

Beloveds, when will you be done with the sadness of loss? You have Me, and you have love, and you have your loved ones. They are with you now. They are more with you now.

Their love is simpler and greater. They no longer have daily life on Earth to distract their attention. They are more with you than ever before. They do not take their eyes off you. They see more of your truth now too. link to original article

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