Lisa Gawlas – The Infusion Of Orange Into The Malleable White = Procreation!! – 30 March 2013

procreation1What an amazing, progressive day in the field yesterday!!  The first reading showed up with a gentle wind blowing in from April and my the last reading, the winds were so forceful and intense her face was completely distorted as if she was standing in front of a wind tunnel.  My own consciousness was billowing as if being hit by hurricane 5 winds!!  Geez Louise!!  But another constant was present thru the day.  The winds themselves seemed to be releasing orange energy to most everyone in the field.

The vibrant color orange showed up in unique ways with each person presented with it.  My first lady had on a glowing white gown flowing all the way to her feet, behind her, as if thick ribbons to her dress, were streams of color ribbon, orange to the east side, yellow to the west side and then one in the middle that seemed to change color as we change our conversation… first the middle color was blue, then changed to red as we talked about what to do with these colors that i knew were released to her via the winds of April.

But I also started to understand something more as the day progressed.  Besides orange representing (quite strongly) the fertility of the field of Life (think sacral chakra and the reproductive area is governs) I think I mentioned last week or earlier this week, there is a life to these colors, something so much more than just understanding their presence, but to learn to consciously use these energy streams for creation.

The appearance of white is now taking on a deeper meaning.  The energy of white, no matter how it appears within a reading, has this thick, almost gel like quality to it.  I am understanding now this is representing the infusion of pure spiritual and earth energy combined together.  You can look at the energy of white very much like stem cells.  Pure, unassigned energy.  Thru the several readings that white was as present as the color orange, the field kept using one word with the energies “malleable.”  Just to be clear on what malleable means in this creation process of color:

1. Capable of being shaped or formed, as by hammering or pressure: a malleable metal.
2. Easily controlled or influenced; tractable.

3. Able to adjust to changing circumstances; adaptable.

It would make sense then, to add orange to the creation of your desire is to give it life.  To fertilize it with y/our creational abilities within yourself.

I had one lady, she was hands and knees down on a skate board and it looked like she was completely wrapped up like a piece of candy in a cellophane kind of orange wrapper.  At her back end was the excess cellophane kind of orange and man was it flapping in the wind!  And yet, this orange was serving something different at the moment than the lady mentioned above.  Imagine being surrounded with a new sense of Self.

In my world of readings and symbolic meanings, the sacral chakra area also governs our sense of self/Self in the world around us.  The majority of us have gotten to Here seeing our selves as pretty much human and all that goes with just being human.  Well, we are NOT that!!  We are encased in a biological system souly to be present in the game of matter, but the energy source that allows us to play the game as the Masters we are, is the soul.  Our sense of Self must change from human to the unlimited soul of spirit.

When we can fully align with every thought and deed to the limitless Beings we really Are… we can (and will) procreate at the speed of a heart beat.

I also came to realize there are two different kinds of skateboards being shown.  Granted, in the last 20 readings, I have only seen 3 people with a skateboard beneath their body, each one in a very different postion on their skate board, which I now realize the purpose.  (I had to look up the differences between a short board and a long board.)  My first lady who appeared with a yellow glowing skate board beneath her feet, she was on a short board.  The short boards are for what we see as tricks.  All those facing and dare devil jumps and tricks… and for her, she will discover just how much magic she has beneath her feet.  My last two folks were in either a laying down or as my lady of yesterday, kneeling position on a long board… which is designed for speed racing and long distance movement.

What exactly they will do with it… that is for them to discover!!

My last lady of the day… I could barely hold myself together with her (short) reading.  The winds of April were coming in so strong that I could barely hold myself together in the connection.  Imagine being in a wind tunnel and she was being pelleted with orange!  Maybe even sandblasted… all I could see was her face, very distorted as intense wind would make it, but her very skin was becoming more and more orange… Holy infusion batman!!  I looked for her body, it was not yet visible to my eyes.

She had told me that all of this makes sense to the way she has felt these last couple days… intense headaches, exhausted and a sore dry throat.  Yup, the body is feeling it (god knows, how could it not.. I was feeling it!!)

And then, I got such a delightful surprise.  If you ever think that it is “me” doing this readings/connections, this beautiful lady proved to all of us… otherwise.  I thought I was reading for someone else.  I knew this particular reading was purchased by one of my clients for her daughter, but I really thought I was reading for my client.  By the time she showed up on the field, I was already wind blown from the 5 previous connections of the day, so I was very wobbly in my own recognition of her energy signature… not to mention, I already started seeing and feeling her connection before she called.  Loopy Lisa to the hilt!!

I knew by the force of the energy being released to this lovely lady, I was not able to see a spec more… nor did i want to!!  So I asked how her daughter was doing and got the surprise of my life when she said, this is her!!  Really???   Spirit knows… even if this crazy reader is too loopy to recognize the difference!  17 years old and being sandblasted into her soul energy!!  Wowzers!!!  The whole experience suddenly made sense, even if I have no idea what the intensity and quickening mean to her… yet!!

So, lets get back to that malleable white energy.  I thought about my own meditation and smearing this gel like white energy on my client.  There is something so much more than I am even realizing that we can do with it, beyond manifesting our own heart desires, but equally, sharing it outwards with others.  Helping and infusing others in their journey of accelerated Life on earth.

Even tho I ended my day of readings utterly exhausted mentally, when I looked at the headline news on my phone and seen the crazieness that is happening with the child running N. Korea, I decided to do some energy work of my own.  I created a  pure white net of safety all around the boarder of N. Korea, called on my freinds from deep in the earth, the quartz kingdom to help infuse a boundary of protection within the white protective field so no harm can be released outside of his country to anyone.  I watched as a the energy of the quartz came up from the ground and intermingled its energy into the gel like white.

I have only ever done this form of protection once before, a long time ago.  My (then) landlord was sending me sooo much hate as he cut the grass of my yard that I called on the quartz kingdom to protect my environment and my (then) 13 year old daughter from his hate energy (which she was feeling too.)  I watched as the quartz sealed all my windows with its protective energy.  She and I left the house for the day, leaving him to his own hateful thoughts.  When we returned, he was gone, my home was clear.  His wife called me the next day to tell me he got really sick while doing our yard, he got hives that invaded his lungs and he had a heart attack and died for about a minute.  The hospital inspected him from head to toe, sure he must have gotten a bug bite but could not find one.  His energy of hate was reflected back to him and even his body couldn’t handle it.

If you feel called to, add to my work in whatever way you work with the field of Life and energy.  This young leader is too irrational in his nervous system and reactive in his desire for power to not do something.

Someone asked me the other day about the tremendous specks of Light she noticed in the air.  I remember asking about these specks of light to my once mentor and he called them “light seeds.”  If you can image there are free cells of Light, again if we look at them very much like we do “stem cells” within our body… we have always had an abundance of creative energy/cells of Light all around us for use.  Harness then (with consent of course)… breathe them in, use them.  We live in a limitless world of potential and creation… today is a great day to start living that way!!

Ohhh… and once again, April was blocked from all of our views… but one lady that I read for made me smile and got me soooo excited.  Balloons and streamers everywhere my eyes could see over the cement pool of energy called April!!  Then she mentioned something I have been clueless about.  I have been soooo busy trying to keep up with us and our field of accelerated energy that I completely forgot about what is happening on earth.  She mentioned about the eclipse in May.  I googled it while we were on the phone together.  Holy flipping cow batman!!  Three eclipses within one month.

Lunar eclipse April 25th, solar eclipse May 10th, and another lunar eclipse on May 25th.  There is a sandwich of intense energy movement/acceleration happening, no wonder why I keep feeling this 2nd quarter of 2013 is life changing on every level.  Whatever I am feeling, the recognition of these three eclipses is suddenly amplifying that feeling.

Phew baby!!

On that note… have an amazing day!!  Harness the colors of your life and procreate like theres no tomorrow!!

I love you all soooo much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of boundless joy and grand adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    P.S. Just a reminder that a small rate increase on all readings and packages goes into affect April 1st.

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